National Enquirer (US), March 19, 2000

Keanu & Lover Split After Baby Tragedy

STILL GRIEVING over the tragic stillbirth of his daughter, Keanu Reeves has split from the girl's mother Jennifer Syme.

"Keanu and Jennifer really struggled to make it work, but their love wasn't strong enough to survive the death of their baby," a source close to Keanu disclosed.

"Keanu was looking forward to being a father to the girl, who they had already named Ava, and he is desolate over her death.

"But he doesn't know how to share that grief with Jennifer.

"Although Jennifer and Keanu have parted, they have promised to always remain friends."

"The Matrix" star, 35, was very supportive of 27-year-old Jennifer during her pregnancy and even bought a house for Jennifer and Ava to live in after the baby's birth.

But just before the child's January due date, an ultrasound test revealed that the baby had died in the womb. Doctors induced labor and the heartbroken couple buried the stillborn girl's body in a Los Angeles cemetery.

"They never lived together full-time during her pregnancy, and their grief over Ava's death has driven a bigger wedge between them," said the close source.

An insider added: "Keanu has split amicably from Jennifer and is getting back on his feet after the tragedy of losing his first child.

"He's currently on location in Savannah, Ga., starring in the movie 'The Gift' with Hilary Swank and Cate Blanchett.

"He's still financially supporting Jennifer, in part. "They've decided to seek new lives apart, but they will forever be linked."

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Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava


Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava , Gift, The

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