USA Today (US), April 3, 2000

Keanu's continuing excellent adventures

by Josh Chetwynd and Andy Seiler

Whoa. Keanu Reeves' most famous line is fitting now that the star of The Matrix will appear in a mind-blowing six films in just over two years. And he's considering No. 7: Hardball, in which he would play an inner-city Little League coach.

Hardball would have to be squeezed in this summer - before the two-month training for the Matrix sequels. (A grueling seven- or eight-month shoot for the pair is slated for early 2001.)

The rest of the Reeves roll: The Replacements, finished last fall and due in September, about the amateurs who replaced the pros during the 1987 NFL players strike; Driven, scheduled for fall, in which he has a small psychopath role; The Gift, a just-finished drama in which he plays a Georgia town bully married to Boys Don't Cry's Hilary Swank; Sweet November, a remake of a 1968 film about a workaholic who falls for a woman (Charlize Theron) who takes a new lover every month, now in rehearsals.

The sound you hear is Reeves laughing at those who said skipping Speed 2 would stunt his career.


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