eStar (US), May 4, 2000

Keanu, Jerry Hall Aid Sick Sibs

One of the biggest perks of stardom is being able to help the people who matter most to you. The New York Daily News reports that both Keanu Reeves and Jerry Hall are doing all they can to assist their respective siblings who are suffering from cancer.

The paper says that Reeves is staying with his older sister Kim, who's battling lymph cancer. The Matrix star recently took her on an Italian vacation and even moved his sis, a horse breeder, to a home near the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

Meanwhile, Hall just left London for Texas to be with her twin sister, Terri, who is back in the hospital fighting breast cancer. Terri was diagnosed with the disease last year, and since then has tried both traditional and alternative treatments.

While Jerry's away lending her sibling support, her ex-husband, Mick Jagger, is home playing Mr. Mom with their four children.

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