Edmonton Sun (Ca), May 9, 2000

Quit your day job, Keanu

by Mike Ross

Were it not for Keanu Reeves' inexplicable superstar status, we might never have heard of a little rock band called Dogstar.

The thespian whose best work is arguably uttering the word "Excellent!" in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure has maintained that playing bass for his band is really his first love. He would've toured non-stop with Dogstar if, gosh darn it, he didn't have the annoyance of being handed bags of cash to star in The Matrix.

Fans can judge for themselves whether the critics are right about Dogstar: "Merely adequate - much like his acting." Already big in Japan, the band's North American debut album, Happy Ending, is due out on July 11. Along with 10 original compositions, the album contains a cover of the Carpenters' 1971 hit, Superstar. That's right - Keanu sings the Carpenters. No wonder they're big in Japan. There won't be much time for a tour, since Keanu will be in Australia this summer filming - you guessed it - The Matrix II.

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Anakin McFly
(2010-05-02 16:34:13)

...Keanu doesn't sing the Carpenters. Keanu doesn't sing. With exceptions.
GuestCaroline (2010-05-03 13:15:01)
 Keanu sang "Time After Time" in Sweet November. And he did a fine job!
(2010-05-03 19:32:46)
 and in A Walk in the Clouds, too! I love that scene.
Ruthiesinging (2010-05-05 03:01:36)
 I also love that scene in Walk in the Clouds. He could sing to me anytime :)
(2010-05-06 03:43:28)
 ... that's why Ani said 'with exceptions'. ;)
(2010-05-06 04:57:31)
 Yay singing

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