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Matrix Grabs Blockbuster Awards



by Catherine Felty

Sci-fi MATRIX faves Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne took home awards from the Sixth Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards, held May 9 at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

"I'm completely surprised by this," said Fishburne, who won for Favorite Supporting Actor, Science Fiction. "I didn't even know they had Blockbuster Awards. This is nice -- somebody looked at my work and said, 'Hey we like it.'"

He said this particular award is an honor to win because the Blockbuster Awards are voted on by the viewing public.

"I think clearly this is much more representational of what the actual public enjoys and watches," he added.

Other winners of the evening included Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci for Best Actor and Actress, Horror Movie (SLEEPY HOLLOW). Pierce Brosnan took home two awards for Favorite Actor in Action and Drama/Romance (THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH and THE THOMAS CROWN AFFAIR). Catherine Zeta-Jones took Favorite Actress Action (ENTRAPMENT) and Mark Wahlberg, George Clooney and Ice Cube won Favorite Action Team for THREE KINGS.

Tom Hanks won for THE GREEN MILE (Favorite Actor Drama) and Cameron Diaz took the honor for Favorite Actress Drama (ANY GIVEN SUNDAY). Heather Graham won Favorite Actress in a Comedy for AUSTIN POWERS: THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME, while her sidekick, Mike Myers, won Favorite Villain (Dr. Evil) in the same film.

SCREAM trilogy veteran David Arquette won for Favorite Supporting Actor, Comedy Romance for NEVER BEEN KISSED. When EON inquired if there will be more SCREAM films, he replied with a small laugh, "Probably without us. Different cast, different director."

Everyone clamored to ask about the about the upcoming MATRIX films, but Fishburne didn't have much to say. He mentioned that two more films are being shot, adding that it would probably take a year and a half to complete the movies. He said the same cast will probably appear in them and that they will probably be shot again in Australia.

"So far that's what I've heard," he said. "We're shooting both movies back-to-back. I don't know more than that. If I did, believe me I'd tell everything."

Reeves also had little to say about the upcoming films, except that he is excited to see what Andy and Larry Wachowski (MATRIX's writer-directors, fondly referred to as "The Brothers") have planned for the two sequels.

"I thought the first film for me was inspiring as an actor, and I look forward to see what they come up with next," he said.

Reeves did comment on why he has recently passed on other films in order to work with The Brothers on the two upcoming films.

"It's about the directors, Andy and Larry Wachowski, and the material," he said. "For their imagination, for the vision and the way they direct. And for the people that they are."

He says that for the first MATRIX, he was just happy to have been involved.

"I had a great time and I think it's an exceptional film," he said. "And as an actor, once it's over, you're unemployed." For him, the most interesting part of making a film "is the holistic approach -- the whole thing," he said.

Regarding his Blockbuster Award, Reeves says, "It's fantastic. It's sweet. I really enjoyed the film, so it's nice to see that other people enjoyed it and liked what they saw."

Besides getting one's ass kicked by Fishburne in a sci-fi movie, what is Reeves' definition of the secret to success?

"My secret to success?" Reeves asked, shaking his head and pondering a moment. "I'm probably the wrong person to ask."

But Fishburne, when asked what part he enjoyed most in the first MATRIX, had a ready answer: "The part when I got to whip Keanu's ass."

About that kung-fu fighting: In case anyone is wondering, Fishburne says the style that the cast spent four months learning is called "movie kung fu."

When one reporter asked if there was any truth to a rumor that there is a challenge out between Fishburne and actor Wesley Snipes (who is reportedly learning Brazilian kung-fu), Fishburne responded, "Is that right? You heard that somewhere?"

When the reporter acknowledged that he had indeed heard that rumor, Fishburne replied: "Then you are a fucking liar. Next question."

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