San Francisco Chronicle (US), May 19, 2000

On Set Reports

The outdoor tables along 18th Street on Potrero Hill have been packed lately. For the price of a latte, locals can watch the making of "Sweet November," an offbeat romance starring Charlize Theron as a neighbor who takes a new lover every month and Keanu Reeves as Mr. November.

We joined the gawkers just in time to catch Theron, looking pale and wan (apparently her character is at death's door), walk by in combat boots fetchingly worn with pink socks. She's followed by a Yellow Cab occupied by the Matrix breaker himself. He tries to entice her to get in with sweet talk and flowers.

The two rehearse this bit a half-dozen times. When the cameras start to roll, Theron puts out her cigarette (ill advised for someone in her presumed condition), and Reeves' puny bouquet is replaced with a bountiful one. As the scene is reshot again and again, the coffee drinkers become restless. "Going to a movie is a lot more exciting than watching this crap," one woman is heard to complain.

Movie Insider was here with P.J. Johnston, the always cheerful executive director of the San Francisco Film Commission. Being of good cheer helps when he goes around to check that filming isn't disrupting local businesses. Popping into Potrero Hill shops, Johnston gets good reports -- especially from those being paid for their storefronts to appear in "Sweet November."


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Boring, booooring! (2010-05-11 04:21:55)
 I can relate to the boredom of watching the same scene get shot over and over again. I was in Chicago when they made Chain Reaction, and got to watch a scene (Keanu-less, unfortunately) where a bad guy is blown backwards by an explosion. Entirely green-screen, with the guy being pulled back by a wire. I watched them shoot it over and over, but left when it got too boring. Heard later that they shot it 30+ times!

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