(US), June 4, 2000

After He Won the MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance in 'The Matrix'

Keanu Reeves came back to the press amazing thing in itself because Reeves doesn't play the Hollywood game and can be difficult. But there he was in his brown suit, scuffed hiking boots and green shirt. Guess what...he handled himself beautifully and is very sophisticated. When no questions were immediately forthcoming he started to make the reply of the McCarthy-Communist hearings, "I have not, nor have ever been, etc"....pretty funny. When someone finally asked him an original question, he smiled and seemed to enjoy the mental challenge. The question was, "which power would you like to have in real life"? Reeves replied, "healing"...great answer. He loves San Francisco but wasn't able to dine out...perhaps fear of the public or just a busy schedule but he did get to enjoy the Petaluma wine. His band Dogstar has a record coming out. When I got to talk to Reeves privately I had to bite my tongue not to ask him if he planned to try to have another baby....just thought it would be to painful for him to talk about. But he did tell me he still hasn't bought a house...he likes to live rootlessly or at least he did before he received his $60 million for the next "The Matrix" films. His humble reply about all that money, "It is nice to be able to earn a living as an actor." 6/4/00

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