Shibuya Tower Records (Jp), June 24, 2000
(Transcripted by Yo'Kee)

Yoko Ogasawara (YO): Hello, everyone! How are you? Thank you very much for coming today for a Dogstar event here at Shibuya Tower Records in the rain. I am Yoko Ogasawara, a D.J. from 76.1 INTER FM Radio. showing a CD to the audience This new album "Happy Ending" have you bought everyone? Yes! You have already bought it, haven't you? So you have just watched a VTR taken 2 years ago which was a bit old. You would like to see real Dogstar, wouldn't you? Well, I have just met them and they are pretty cool. My heart is still throbbing so hard. We call them in now, so please welcome with a big applause. We're having a welcome D O G S T A R !!!!!

Dogstar appeared on the stage with a tune of "Halo" from their CD. Bret came in first with holding a piece of paper in his hand and then Keanu with his left hand in his pocket and then Rob came in. Each Dogboys were bringing a bottle of water in their right hands and were all their beautiful smiles, and waving at us. Amid with thunderous applause, cheering and screaming from the audience

YO: This is D O G S T A R !!!!!!

Dogboys posed before the flashing cameras for some still photographs

YO: to Dogstar and still photographers in the front line
So a couple of still photos first and then for the Television cameras.

More and more Flashes! Flashes! Flashes! Dogstar were smiling and waving their hands to us

YO: Okay, we will be taking a couple more. So next photographs in the back, there would be for the Television shows. Could you have a sit down now for us so that I could ask few questions from everybody?

YO: I know you guys must be very tired from your long day but everyone here knows who you are but if you could briefly introduce yourself introduction. Bret, would you like to start?

Bret: I am Bret Domrose, vocalist, guitar player for Dogstar.

Rob: I am Rob Mailhouse, for the drums.

Keanu: I am Keanu Reeves, bassist.

YO: So I would like to ask you few questions. I know you have been bombarded with questions ever since coming to Japan and we have been listening to the album "Happy Ending" and it's wonderful and great, but is there message that you try to convey in this new album "Happy Ending"?

Rob: Buy the records!

big laughter from the audience

YO: And Keanu, any message in the album "Happy Ending"?

Keanu: Any message? When you say that, what do you mean... one singular ... plural message in music ...?

YO: Singular or plural, could it be anything

Keanu: ... I don't know.. err chukles with his shyness For us, it is a kind of an expression of a feeling and err ... so hopefully that comes across when you are listening to it, involved yourself mood and feeling, and Bret tells lyrics and I don't know .. looked at Bret

Bret: Suggestive to expressing emotion and .. I am sure I would ....

YO: Okay, next question. I know that this question you have get everytime as well but the title "Happy Ending", now who came up with it? And it doesn't mean that this is the end, does it?

Bret: No.

YO: No!

Bret: See, we all the band corrected, we decided and it's a long proccess we recorded. The band are happy that the way came out and in fact that finally it came out together the way it is. And just we looked at it as overall positive messages.

YO: Okay, next question. You've been in Japan for a couple days out?

Rob: Since the 19th.

YO: You've been to Japan before?

Rob: Yes, on our 4th.

YO: Right. Is there anything an unusual you've been or experiences while you been here in Japan?

Rob: T H I S !!!

he means "this show"

YO: Why do you say "this"? Just a kidding!

YO: to Bret
How about you? Have you been anything mind-boggling? Anything unusual? Something that took you by surprise?

Bret: Well, I've been here 4th times so I think I know kind of what they expect... but .. err.. err ...._____ ______

Bret seemed to say something and I could not understand what he was saying but Ms. Ogasawara kindly interpreted that "Bret appreciates our culture and country and that people are very courteous. He was really impressed."

Rob: who says quite out of the blue!
U-n-i !!!

big laughter from the audience

YO: So you are a big fan of "Uni", then.

Rob: That's my favourite!

YO: I'll give you "Uni" on your way out then !!!

YO: Back to some music questions now. Who has influenced you most, which artists? Which artists did you listen to growing up? Keanu?

Keanu: I guess, Ramons, what else I have.. growing up .. like ___ when I was a kid... Joy Division, Van V___ , Sleepy Joe___... has it .. Jimmy Read .... err.. stop that.

YO: OKay. Rob?

Rob: For me.. so much! Beatles, Rolling Stones, Crash, Led Zeppelin, Fears__, Simon & Garfunkel, Bret Domrose

grins at Bret

YO: Bret, the artists that influenced you?

Bret: It looks like ___trouble about them .... see ...Cheap Trip, Police, U2.

YO: So you maybe also CD that carry along with you now.

Bret: Right now?

YO: Well, not basically now but ...

Keanu: Currently, right?

YO: Current music.

Keanu: I got the Archers of Loaf, and I got some Miles Davis, I have some err...well what else do I have ...
scrutches his head deep in thoughts
I have some err .. Filled To Spill .. err.. and that's it!

YO: Rob?

Rob: Let's see, Bird__, Radiohead, Cooler Shaker err... whoooh! That's for right now.

YO: OKay. Pretty much wide range from everyone. Bret?

Bret: I'm listening to Oasis, The Cure, Elton John, and some Rod Stewart.

YO: Right. So you move away from the other genres. Artists you would like to work with the most as Dogstar or may be personally? Artists that you have always wanted to work with?

Bret: Say, Bono!

YO: Bono, of U2? OKay.
to Rob
Tough questions?

Rob: Paul McCartney, John Lennon.

Keanu: I'll take Bob Dylan today !!!

Rob: Bob Dylan for too .

YO: Right. On your free time, are you guys tour around together and with each other? Do you spend your free time together as well?

Dogboys: Yes! We happen, yes!

YO: So what do you guys do on your free time? Bret?

Bret: Rest....

YO: Rest?

Bret: We've been to visit... we visited the temples, Japanese gardens. We've got out to eat ... but so far ..err ... you know..sleep...

Keanu: Took some walks...

Bret: Took some walks, help each other.

big laughter from the audience

YO: Cool mate... this is in Japan.. but..


Keanu: She was asking us, about us i n L o s A n g e l e s.

Bret: Eat!
Visited temples!

more giggles... big laughter from the audience

YO: Temples in L.A.? Okay !!!!

Bret: Maybe we are around time off, we would like to try to write music. We just.. we really love playing more than we listen to and so going to films, movies, concerts, _____.

Keanu: D o d g e r s!!!

YO: Dodgers! Baseball! So you are a fan of Nomo when he was with Dodgers?

Keanu: Yes, I was with the Detroits.

YO: to the adudience
Well, I think you have some questions to them. Please do remember that this is a Dogstar event today so anything besides that cannot be answered. Please raise your hand if you have a question.

Rob: That's the number one!

A quite number of hands were up

Question 1: - interpreted by YO
Her question is: she went to both the Sendai and Akita concerts. She said the sounds were wonderful. She was very impressed. But you all have busy schedules now, how do you maintain that great sounds?

Bret: We have a great soundman.

an outburst of laughter from the audience

YO: But there must be something else?

Bret: Long reharsals. Six or seven hours a day.

YO: So you must really like playing a lot.

Question 2: Hello, guys. My name is Kumi. Nice to meet you. First of all, my English is not so good so please understand my words. I think this event is not so normal in Japan. What does it call this type of event? And do you gonna do this again? I want to ask you all of you.

YO: What do you think, guys?

Bret: Uh, first of all, her English is EXCELLENT!

A lady, who asked the question, elated to say; "THANK YOU!"

Bret: I think a bit unusual for us too but I think speaking personally, I've been enjoying this greatly and I think that their support, I feel, is amazing.

YO: Rob? Would you like to do this again? What do you think of this event..... sitting on the stage here with us?

Rob: Uh, next time we can play the stage here.

a big applause and cheering occurred

YO: Keanu?

Keanu: Certainly our new experience and err .. but it's .. uh it's exciting to have record out, exciting to be here to play and so uh, I guess this is part of it, you know. And uh yeah, it's a good sign. We hear the music, you know, we have music out and err ..we would play music and some people, you know, enjoy music of us.

Question 3: A question for Bret, interpreted by YO
She also plays a guitar. What age, when did you start to play quitar?

Bret: Uh.. Eleven.

YO: Any advice?

Bret: P r a c t i c e !!!

Question 4: We are happy with being with you, thank you very much. And how do you like playing the concerts here? How difference from American audience and Japanese audience?

YO: Who would you like to answer first? Bret?

Bret: Uh, see ....differences? Uh ..better sound here and better lights, better technology... err ..more? let's see.. uh..different kind of attention ... err what's a word ...more focused audience here. Focus on the band and more listening. In America, maybe just drinking, paying attention to talking.

YO: Any other comments on how do Japanese fans different maybe from American fans? Anything you feel, thinking...? Is that all about it, then next question ....

Keanu: I think Bret said it all, really.

Rob: _____ answer that, are you?

Question 5: interpreted by YO
Almost dinner time. What are you guys going to eat tongiht?
to Rob
Rob? Drinking?

Rob: I think we are going to Italian tonight.

YO: Keanu, what do you want to eat?

Keanu: I'd rather be drinking, actually.

big laughter

Bret: I am not sure, I think I might have to sleep. I've been eaten already.

Keanu: to Bret
What did you eat?

Question 6:interpreted by YO:

Are there any other songs you guys planning on covering?

Bret: Yes, we may ...suprise! Shall I tell?

One of the audience said in reply, "Come on!"

YO: Secret?

Bret: No, we may cover a Oasis song we are working on. And maybe, Police song also and Frank S i n a t r a!


YO: Frank Sinatra! That would be interesting!

Question 7: A lady asked Keanu about "Matrix" but the question was not accepted as regarding a cinema. The lady continued to say that "Matrix" was fantastic, which Keanu politely replied to her "Thank You" with a beam of gratefulness.

Question 8: interpreted by YO
Another foods question and food ___ from her. She wants to know when you were in Sendai or Akita where were concerts, did you eat anything good? And when you go to Fukuoka, she is from Fukuoka, she would like you to try "Tonkotsu Ramen". Ramen noodle, and it's's kind of like ..err..very thick base with err...a pig ..made with pig bones.

Rob reacted with his "eeehrrrrrrrrrr" and the audience burst into big laughter

YO: Very Good! Please try it!!! Did you guys eat anything good or maybe unusual?

Bret: We had a great sushi in Sendai...uh, let's see what did we have...

Dogboys: Unagi, Uni, Karii ...

Bret: And at Akita ...

Keanu: We have S-A-K-I !!! No food, just a saki!
big laugher from the audience
Yeah, we had ramens.

Bret: We had Ramen in Akita.

Rob: And Kobi Beef.

YO: Kobe Beef in Akita?

Rob: No, in Tokyo.

YO: Oh, in Tokyo? which was very good.

Rob: We are b r o k e!

Question 9: last question
Which song are you going to play tomorrow first?

Bret: Uh, "Alarming"

The lady who asked the question, happily replied, "I'll be coming!"

Bret: Thank you!

YO: She will be there. That's and see.. questions part of the time... There are, I think, lots of questions but unfortunately running out of time. I think they like to know about your tour schedule.

Bret went to the rear side and fetched a piece of paper that he has brought in earlier

YO: to Bret
>Your note? Bret, would you like to ____ your tour schedule?

Bret: looking down to his note
Tour schedule is A-S F-O-L-L-O-W-S: Tomorrow, Yokohama.
big cheering and clapping hands from the audience
Uh....27th, 28th in Tokyo. 30th in Fukuoka. The Hawks!

YO: At the Hawks!

Bret: The pig ones!

YO: The pig ones! You'll having Tonkotsu Ramen.


Bret: July1st, Osaka and July 3rd, Nagoya.

YO: So you guys are looking forward to the rest of your tour?

Keanu: Yes, very much!

YO: And before ... we're almost done but before err... you have messages that you would like to give the audience from each one of you.

Keanu: Thank you for coming out and it's very nice to be here and do this. I am glad, thank you!

Audience: THANK YOU!

a big applause

YO: Rob, message from you?

Rob: Also thank you very much. I appreciate coming out and I recognise, I saw you from the show and thank you for coming. It means a lot to us, come over here because we enjoy playing a lot, and means lots, to come out and I hope you enjoy our new record.

YO: Bret?

Bret: And thank you also for allowing us to share our music with you. And uh.. we're very excited about our new record and be careful for the rain.

YO: Now, we have some flowers for you, as part of event. We have three lovely ladies who would like to give you flowers.

Dogboys seemed to have been taken aback a little with this flower- presentation session but they appeared to be delighted and Dogboys looked perfectly b e a u t i f u l with those flowers!!!

YO: You may notice that something is special about these flowers. There is a Dog and a Star! And if you like to press the Dog, I think you know, surprise!
to Dogboys
Touch this sticker!

Dogboys: That's going to laughing !

YO: So I would like to thank you for three of you for your time today.

Keanu: Thank you for inviting us here like that ___

Dogboys: Thank you.

YO: Okay, we would like end with photo session again for the press and with the flowers.

Dogboys: More p h o t o s! W o W o W!

YO: Please step back a little bit and start with still photos.

Keanu: With these flowers..?

YO: Yes, please!!! and keep it, stand close together with flowers.. and err.. close for the still cameras.

The "Halo" tune started to play again in the background

YO: Okay, TV cameras in the back and ...

Keanu: suddenly
... TV cameras.. Oh!
He said something to Rob next to him in surprise, indicating his hand towards "someone" near the TV camera in the back. Somehow, Keanu recognised "someone" in the back and smiled at her.

YO: to Keanu
You recognised some people?

More photos have been taken. Keanu seemed to be in good patience before the glare of camera flashes but I noticed that he was the first person who turned his back and ... ....

YO: Okay, thank you very much for your time today and enjoy the rest of your stay in Japan. Good Luck! Thank you very much!

Dogboys gave beautiful smiles again for us and they had gone. After the show, 10 posters of Dogstar that freshly autographed by each one of Dogboys had been given away in a lottery.

= End of the Transcript =

A few notes from myself (from Yo'Kee):

NB 1: Italics indicates my descriptions that were added by myself. And please do forgive me for the errors and mis-understandings that I might have made in my translation and if anyone would correct it, I would very much appreciate it.

NB 2: These are a bit about the specialities of Japanese foods that Dogboys mentioned:

Sushi = a traditional Japanese raw-fish cuisine (sliced raw fish atop of a small rice ball).

Some of Sushi they enjoyed are:

Unagi = an eel, which usually been broiled over charcoal fire.

Uni = a sea urchin that we usually eat in raw.

Karei (Karii) = a flatfish i.e. a flounder, a plaice, a sole etc.

Sake (saki) = one of traditional Japanese alcohols brewed from fermented rice and water.

Ramen = Chinese noodles.

Keanu appears to take an enormous liking to noodles, especially the "$6 noodles in Japan" !?!? *Smile*. "Soba" made of buckwheat flour and "Udon" made of wheat flour are the traditional Japanese noodles.

NB 3: I found out later the fact that a lady, near by the TV camera in the back whom Keanu recognised, was Ms. N. Miyazaki, a TV personality and she actually interviewed with Dogstar for a TV programme at a hotel earlier on that afternoon, the programme of which she was in. And also it was Ms. Miyazaki who asked the Question 5 : what the guys were going to eat that night.

Dogstar were in good spirits and were all smiles throughout the show and seemed to have enjoyed themselves very much, AS YOU CAN SEE! I was blessed with having been there, brought us such a wonderful experience with certain "togetherness" or "a sense of closeness" developed between Dogstar and us the audience there and at the concerts, and for that I would like to cherish as long as I live. Thank you so much for sharing.

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