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DogstarLive: Rob: Welcome and we're glad to be on.

AOLiveMC22: It looks like there is a huge audience with a ton of questions for you so let's get right to them. The first question is from an eager Virginian.

Question: Did you send the Cornerstore CD to any radio stations in VA?

DogstarLive: Keanu: The record will be released in Virginia but we don't have any radio stations playing it yet. We've played in Richmond and Virginia Beach in the past, and we had a great time there so hopefully we can get the music out to you there.

Question: To Keanu: Rob and Bret already answered this one for me, but I would like to know is what do you appreciate the most about the other members of Dogstar. Thank you!

DogstarLive: Rob: Cuddling and spooning.

DogstarLive: Bret: The brotherhood and joking around and comraderie with the other guys.

Question: What do you think has changed with this new album? Have you grown as a band musically and emotionally?

DogstarLive: Rob: The album is a lot different than the other one and there's a lot more melody.

Question: Brett, Rob, Keanu: Saw you at Bogarts in Cincy last year and really like your sound. Have you ever thought about adding additional instruments to the band, like keyboards?

DogstarLive: All three: We've thought about it, we may do it in the future, but presently the music doesn't dictate it yet.

Question: Can you tell us what is in store for us with the new Cornerstore CD?

DogstarLive: Keanu: The cd is alternative pop, three piece. Bret writes the lyrics and there are some stories in it seeking emotional interaction and I think it's a record that gets better as you read the lyrics to the piece.

Bret: The lyrics are about news items, personal experiences, friends, and all kinds of different little things. Some of them are fictional, created right out of thin air. So it's a good mixture about hopes, optimism and dreams.

Question: Have you and the other band members been friends for long or is this a business relationship???

DogstarLive: Bret: We've been friends for about six years and the business is borne out of the friendship.

Question: Keanu, I really love the music of "Dogstar" I was wondering if you guys might possibly cover one of the songs the late wonderful 'River Phoenix" wrote and performed with his band 'Aleka's Atic as a tribute to your late friend?

DogstarLive: Keanu: I don't know. His sister right now is trying to put together a compilation of the music he was finishing. I really enjoyed his music and his lyrics but until that project is completed, it's just kind of sacred so I'll just let it be.

Question: Pls explain the reason behind the title 'Happy Ending"

DogstarLive: Keanu: There's no one answer to that about Happy Ending. It came out of the band's experiences, the band's hopes, and we worked so hard to make the record happen. Bret always related it to the end of a journey and I think that kind of related to the rest of the band. For myself, I like the word play Happy Ending can relate to the end but also the beginning. And I hope it's provocative for other people to have many meanings, depending on the day.

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Question: Keanu, what kind of bass fo you prefer to record with, and do you also prefer to play live with the same bass?

DogstarLive: Keanu: On the record I used three that I had made which is a combination of Fender P bass and a Music Man. I use a three pickup, a split pickup and a single pickup on a four string, rosewood fret board. And I use the same ones to play live with.

Question: I know you may get asked this a lot but how did you guys come up with the name Dogstar?

DogstarLive: Rob: I was reading a Henry Miller book called "Sexist" and it was right there in the sentence and it kind of jumped of the page and I thought it would be an interesting name for a band.

DogstarLive: Thanks for coming...we really appreciate it. We'd like to stay longer but out schedule won't allow us to. Hope you like the cd.

AOLiveMC22: Thanks so much for joining us. Come by again soon, we'd love to have you join us!

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