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Dogstar Chat

Let's state the obvious: Dogstar is a band that happens to feature, well, a star. In fact, actor Keanu Reeves may just be the most recognizable bass player on the planet right now. But, now that we've gotten that over with, one might be surprised to find out that Dogstar's actually composed of three multitalented multitaskers: Drummer Rob Mailhouse is also an actor (he's appeared on TV soap Days Of Our Lives), and singer/guitarist Bret Domrose writes screenplays in his spare time. As a band, Dogstar's on its second album, Happy Ending, right now--but, no worries, the guys don't have plans to end any time soon. Laughing and joking--and frequently finishing each other's sentences--the group of three buddies provided fans with a lighthearted chat that was fun for everyone involved. (And just in case you were wondering--no, the name "Wyld Stallyns" never came up!)

launch_dogstar: Hello.

notastateofgrace: what is each of your favorite Elvis Presley song?

launch_dogstar: Bret: "Hunk O' Burnin' Love"

launch_dogstar: Rob: "Hound Dog."

launch_dogstar: Keanu: I'll take "Heartbreak Hotel."

lunaneko24: Keanu, Has your music been involved in any of your movies? Have you ever thought about doing music for a film in the future?

launch_dogstar: Keanu: No Dogstar music has been in a film that I've been in, but there was one film that the band performed in--Me And Will. If the opportunity arose for the band to do a soundtrack, we'd do that.

xiaoyu2k: Bret, What inspired some of the Songs on Happy Ending?

launch_dogstar: Bret: Some of the songs were inspired by the way I see people treating other people, be it good or bad.

notastateofgrace: If each of you could have a duet with anyone...who would it be...this being instrumental or vocal.

launch_dogstar: Rob: Paul McCartney

launch_dogstar: Bret: Michael Jackson. I'd like to be his ivory. I'm doin' a duet with Jack Daniels right now. Wanna hear it?

launch_dogstar: Keanu: I'd do a piece for two pianos with J.S. Bach.

launch_dogstar: Rob: I'd like to do a duet with Shannen Doherty.

debhud35: What is your favourite Dogstar song?

launch_dogstar: Bret: It changes by the day; today I'd say "Alarming." It kicks ass.

launch_dogstar: Rob: I'm pickin' "Blown Away," baby. The "Live in Tokyo" version. It kicks the big A, baby.

launch_dogstar: Keanu: "Slipping Down."

groovebite: If the three of you were on the island in Survivor, who would be the most annoying and therefore kicked off first?

launch_dogstar: All: We are on the island of Survivor. Every day in this band is like Survivor. We would cut each others' fruit. We wouldn't kick anyone out...maybe our manager. We'd send Keanu for the wild boar. We'd arrive together, we'd leave together. We'd conquer that sh*t..

pryzmcat: Dogstar: Britney or Christina?

launch_dogstar: Bret and Rob: Chrissie Hynde

launch_dogstar: Keanu: No comment.

launch_dogstar: Bret: If you gotta choose, you gotta go with Britney.

gobass_uhfish: What's the worst advice you ever received?

launch_dogstar: Rob: Trust me.

launch_dogstar: Bret: Drinking is bad for you...actually, the worst advice I ever got was, "Try accounting. It's fun!" I can't handle the numbers, man. It's just too much.

launch_dogstar: Keanu: Speed 2. Just kidding.

notastateofgrace: How do your parents feel about the music business and has it affected your ambitions?

launch_dogstar: Bret: My mom's thrilled. She loves the fact that I have to borrow money from her all the time. She's very supported. LOL.

launch_dogstar: Rob: My parents are happy as long as I'm wearing clean underwear. LOL.

launch_dogstar: Keanu: My mother is happy for me to play in a band. LOL.

groovebite: Do you wonder how many of your fans are there for keanu and not for your music? do you care?

launch_dogstar: Bret: Believe me, we know. You can see it in their eyes. They stand out.

tall_girl_16: Keanu, What is different in your life as a rock star, than your life as a movie star?

launch_dogstar: Bret: Wow, you're a rock star now, Keanu! Didn't get the memo.

launch_dogstar: Keanu: There's so many differences, it takes me to a similarity--they're both expressive.

pikikanike: Who would you guys like to jam with?

launch_dogstar: Bret: Bono.

launch_dogstar: Keanu: Pearl Jam

launch_dogstar: Rob: Janis Joplin

launch_dogstar: Bret: Dude, you couldn't handle Janis Joplin. She'd out-drink your ass.

angfifer: On Regis, who was the other on vocals and guitar??

launch_dogstar: Bret: That was a friend of mine from Los Angeles named Richie Kotzen.

gobass_uhfish: do you have a good connection with your fanbase?

launch_dogstar: Bret: Well, we did today. We did an in-store today in NYC and met hundreds of our fans. It was quite overwhelming.

sassy3579: Who inspired you to form a band?

launch_dogstar: Bret: That would have to be ourselves. We all wanted to be in a band at different times, and life threw us together. We liked each other, and said "let's play."

launch_dogstar: Rob: THE BEATLES.

launch_dogstar: Keanu: The music that I was listening to when I was 18--the Clash, the Violent Femmes. The spirit of the music led me to want it.

cosmic_drop: How would you describe Dogstar's sound to someone who has never heard it before?

launch_dogstar: Bret: Next question. This is a hard question. We don't sound like any other band. We're a rock band, we're guitar-driven, we like to try to evoke a mood: happy, sad, angry, agitated. We try to get people to feel some emotion. It doesn't really sound like anything though. It's like saying,"How do grapes taste?"

launch_dogstar: Rob: I don't think we try to manipulate how people feel, it's just how WE'RE feeling. When we do what we do, the mood of a song, hopefully they pick up on it. You never really know how someone's gonna feel.

launch_dogstar: Bret: It's everyone's interpretation.

dar_len: Have you had any really weird groupie experiences yet?

launch_dogstar: Keanu: What isn't a weird groupie experience?

launch_dogstar: Bret: Today we had two girls come to the table when we were signing their CDs and offered to be our groupies for the night. That's the kind of thing that happened in the '70s. And the funny thing was, I think they were serious.

notastateofgrace: each of your favorite foods?

launch_dogstar: Rob: Grouper.

launch_dogstar: Keanu: Bread. Just bread as a genre.

launch_dogstar: Bret: My favorite food is cheese.

launch_dogstar: Rob: Oh, god.

launch_dogstar: Bret: He can say bread and I can't say cheese? Screw that!

t_r_o_j_c_a: what is yours favorite beer?

launch_dogstar: Bret: I think it changes for me, like monthly. Right now it's Sam Adams. I'm likin' Sam Adams on draft right now, now that you brought it up.

launch_dogstar: Rob: My favorite beer is Guinness.

launch_dogstar: Keanu: I'll take August Iner, it's a German beer.

cosmic_drop: What led each of you to the instrument that you are now playing?

launch_dogstar: Bret: I play guitar, because the band U2 inspired me on MTV as a child.

launch_dogstar: Keanu: I chose to play the bass 'cause of the music that inspired me when I was 18, late teens, early 20s. The bands that I aforementioned.

launch_dogstar: Rob: I chose the drums because of Mickey Dolenz. I got to work with Davy Jones, too. I did a TV show with him called The Single Guy. Davy Jones and I guest starred on the same show.

cosmic_drop: If you could give any advice for aspiring bands, what would it be?

launch_dogstar: Rob: Sign the contracts in invisible ink.

launch_dogstar: Keanu: Perseverance.

launch_dogstar: Bret: Stay away from the deli tray.

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(2009-09-29 02:28:43)
 << Bret: Believe me, we know. You can see it in their eyes. They stand out. >>
tsk, tsk, Bret... ;)

favorite foods (2009-09-29 18:14:45)
 <<Keanu: Bread. Just bread as a genre.>>

It goes well with so many things LOL

favourite drinks (2009-09-29 23:35:05)
 Hmmm, I wonder how Sam Adams and August Iner taste. Guinnes I've tasted once too many and concluded that "me not like".

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