FOXNews (US), July 22, 2000


reported by Samantha Richards

This interview moves between a private party Dogstar is playing at a club, and the interview the next day at the Righa Royal Hotel, interspersed with clips from BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE. I will refer to the petite, perky, young brunette woman that interviewed the band as GROUPIE since that is what she referred to herself as. Keanu is dressed in a black suit, black t-shirt, and no socks.

It starts with a clip from BILL & TED where they are yelling, "Wyld Stallions." Then we get a little chunky strumming from the band. GROUPIE is in the club and she says to the camera, "Keanu's excellent adventure is playing a rock star on the big screen. Now he's playing one in real life. I'm talking about the one, the only, Keanu Reeves. I'm hobnobbing here at a party with Keanu and his band Dogstar. No big woop. I don't even know if he's here yet." She peers around the crowded club. Rob is right behind her. She interviews some people. No one seems to know any of Dogstar's songs.

Then we see Dogstar sitting on a couch at the hotel the next day. GROUPIE is sitting on Bret Domrose's lap, Rob is next to them, and Keanu is sitting at the other end. He looks tired. His hair is still combed straight up from his head and he has a stubbled beard, as he has through the last few weeks of Happy Endings CD promotion. GROUPIE says, "We were at a concert last night and it was rocking. Everybody was so psyched to be there, they were loving your music." The guys nod. She points to Keanu. "Did you think when you were practicing in your house, it would get to this point?" Keanu says, "No." Rob shakes his head. "Really?" she asks. Rob looks straight into the camera. "I though we'd be bigger."

Back to the club, where in response to someone not knowing any of Dogstar's songs, a clip is run of BILL AND TED saying "No way!" Then a fan says, "Keanu is not about dialogue, he's about raw sexual energy."

Back to the couch. GROUPIE says, "I did wear my groupie shirt." (A skimpy black tank top). "I thought I would look kind of fannish." The guys all look at her chest, their eyes moving down and then back to her face again. "Do you all meet a lot of groupies?" she asked. The guys look at each other. "Not as many as I would like," said Bret. The guys all laugh.

"When we were in New Orleans," Keanu began, "we played a show. This woman came upto me and said, 'I'm a vampire.' She had fangs." Keanu put two fingers to his mouth to indicate fangs. "She asked me if she could bite me. I said OK." Keanu is talking in a slightly sing-song, tired sort of way. I gave her my neck. I-" Rob interrupts. "Why did you say OK?" Keanu answers, "I don't know. I've never done it before. So she went to bite me and I heard this sound. And her tooth broke." Much laughter. Then Bret said, "In his neck. It was laying on the floor of The Troubadour, it was a fang, and we were all looking at it."
GROUPIE: "So it brought out all this emotion."
Rob: He hasn't been the same since.

Now we are seeing shots of the club again, with the interviewer GROUPIE in the audience, dancing on a chair. Then back to the couch where the band is sitting. GROUPIE: "My favorite song last night was when you did the Carpenters tune." A quick shot back to the club, where she is singing along to SUPERSTAR. Back to the couch where she says, "Do you remember TOMMY BOY where they were singing it?" Shot of Chris Farly and David Spade singing SUPERSTAR as they are riding along in a convertible.
Bret says, "It's the song that girls sing the most." GROUPIE: "The crowd went crazy when you started playing that." Bret: "One time we didn't play that and we got no groupies!"

More shots of the club, where GROUPIE is sitting up on some guy's shoulders, rocking to the band, yelling, "Go Keanu!" Bret says, "I saw you. That was you?" GROUPIE: "That was me!" Bret: "Remember I said, 'How hot is that girl?' I did. You were off to the left." Everyone is talking at the same time. One more shot of her on the guy's shoulders.
GROUPIE: "So, Keanu, what's going on? Are you touring?" Keanu rubs his face and looks a little annoyed, or put-upon. He mutters, "Omigod, thanks a lot." He seems really moody or tired. More inaudible muttering between him and Rob. GROUPIE: "Keanu, did you have a wild night last night? You seem awfully quiet down there." He crossed his legs, clasped his hands around his knees, and smiled a little as Rob said, "It's not that he is quiet, it's that we are complete chattering." as Bret says, "If you only knew." Then Rob continues, "We are not giving him a chance to talk, so we'll shut up." Keanu runs his hands through his hair as he says, "And you are very lucky for that. Ummm, we don't know what we are doing." He looks straight into the camera and laughs.

After another shot of Dogstar playing at a club, the interviewer GROUPIE says to Dogstar sitting on the couch at the hotel, "All right, I came in here dressed like a groupie today." The guys look appreciatively at her skimpy black tank top. "So to be a true groupie," she says, brandishing a big pen, "I want you guys to sign my chest and stomach today." Rob does a beautiful deadpan look right into the camera.
Then she gets off Bret's lap, and stands in front of him. Bret says, "I thought you said chest area?" GROUPIE: "Well, I don't want to," she starts to mutter as she pulls up the bottom of her shirt to expose her tummy. "Wherever you want to sign," as Bret signs her stomach.
Rob says, "But that's not the chest area." You can then see Keanu. He is bent over with his head in his hands, looks like he is moaning, although I can't hear it. Bret says, "You have to take what you can get."
GROUPIE: "Keanu come on, have a little fun over there." Keanu looks up, but directly away from her as he says, "I'm having fun," in a kind of whiny, defensive tone. GROUPIE slaps him on the shoulder and says, "No, you're not."
Then Rob signs, saying, "Hi Mom." GROUPIE: "Careful." as Rob signs real close to the waistband of her jeans.
By this time, Keanu has straightened up and is smiling. She hands him the pen. "Come on Keanu, big one." Keanu says, "All right," with some enthusiasm. Then he lays his hand against her, well, below her stomach, and signs with a flourish. He seems to be putting dots around her belly button. His attitude has definitely improved at the approach of bare female flesh.
Rob says, "Look at that. Yeah baby." GROUPIE: "Eat your heart out, ladies." She turns to face the camera. "All right, thank you all. We have the band right here, just chilling in the room."
As she speaks, Rob is making "she's crazy" gestures, pointing at her and making a circle next to his head while Keanu grins at the camera. "Thank you all." she says. Keanu goes "Arrrrrgggghhhh", lunges at her, and his head disappears behind her hip. She half pats, half slaps him on the back a couple of times while he is back there, laughs, and says, "Was that harmless?" His intention was to make it look as though he was biting her butt, although of course he didn't sink his teeth in.

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