National Enquirer (US), July 30, 2000


"MATRIX" STAR Keanu Reeves has bounced back to former fiancee Amanda DeCadenet -- and by this time next year he'll be a married man.

"Keanu's now back with his first true love," said a source who knows the couple.

Keanu and Amanda got back together in June. "He invited Amanda to visit him in San Francisco on the set of his newest film, 'Sweet November,' " divulged the source.

Keanu told her how sick he was of living alone. "Then Keanu got down on his knee, took her hand and said, 'Marry me. It's for keeps.' and with tears streaming down her cheeks, Amanda accepted.

"She's found a great house in the Hollywood Hills. They plan to move in -- and set the wedding date!

"This makes Carrie-Anne Moss -- the 'Matrix' co-star Keanu's dated on and off the set -- odd woman out of his life."

The 36-year-old star suffered one heartbreak after another in the past year -- the stillbirth of his baby daughter, a breakup with the baby's mother, his sister Kim's leukemia crisis and the failure of a rebound romance with former school chum Brenda Davis.

Amanda, 27, and Keanu first got engaged in 1996 after she split from rocker husband John Taylor, who is also the father of her child, Atlanta.

But when Keanu found out he'd gotten casual acquaintance Jennifer Syme pregnant, he broke it off with Amanda out of a sense of duty.

"Amanda was hurt. But she said, 'I understood his decision to be with the mother of his child.' "


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