Unknown Source (US), July 31, 2000

Reeves Ready for Chicago

NEW YORK -- Keanu Reeves is excited to be coming back to Chicago to make "Hardball," but he understandably was not too thrilled to take the Concorde from Paris to New York for Saturday interviews for "The Replacements," which opens Aug.11.

"I think everybody getting on that plane was a little edgy," said Reeves, referring to last week's Concorde plane crash. "Who wouldn't be?"

In "The Replacements," Reeves plays Shane Falco, the quarterback who leads a group of misfit replacement players on the fictional Washington Sentinels, after the regular NFL players go on strike. The story about underdogs getting a second chance was loosely inspired by the real pro-football strike of 1987.

Among other things, Reeves loved his character's name. "Shane Falco. That name is just so, movie. Where else but in movies do you meet guys named Shane Falco?"

Right. It's almost as good a name as, uh, well, "Keanu Reeves."

*Reeves, who previously worked in Chicago filming 1996's "Chain Reaction," describes his "Hardball" character Conor O'Neill as a "scalper addicted to gambling who makes the big bet and loses.... He's spiraling down and in order to cover a bet he has to coach this inner-city baseball team of 11-year-olds.... I hope we can have the kids talk the way they really talk.... let them swear. It will be an R-rated picture. It's a film about both the kids and Conor saving each other."


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