USA Today (US), August 3, 2000

Keanu Reeves flies back into action

by Claudia Puig

Keanu Reeves has the script for The Matrix 2 in hand, and he's giving it a big thumbs up.

"It's fantastic," he says. "It has even more ambitions than the first one. My character is more developed."

Reeves, whose career was kick-started by starring as Neo in the original, will start training for the physically grueling role in November. Two sequels are planned, the first for late 2002 and the second for summer 2003. They'll be shot back-to-back starting in late March or early April.

The Matrix, which grossed $171.2 million last year, was lauded for its sci-fi action scenes and unusual camera work.

Reeves says the stunts in Matrix 2 are even more elaborate. "There are a lot of physical demands in it," he says. "It's more sophisticated in the action sequences and fight sequences."

The brother team of Andy and Larry Wachowski, who also wrote and directed the first film, now is studying digital cameras and "trying to achieve certain camera perspectives," Reeves says.

The 35-year-old actor says The Matrix and its sequels are appealing because they aim to "synthesize the action spectacle and give it an emotional context."

So much so, Reeves says, that "I never thought of it as an action picture. I always thought of it as a drama."

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