TV Guide (US), August 11, 2000

Keanu's Morality Tale

by Eddie Roche

Keanu Reeves has a bone to pick with Erica Kane. Reeves, whose new film, The Replacements, opens today, is sick and tired of the movie industry shouldering all the responsibility for the decline of civilization, and says watchdog groups should aim its bull's-eye at another equally culpable genre: daytime television.

"I think soap operas are [just] as violent as action pictures," the 35-year-old actor tells TV Guide Online. "It can be — in terms of corruption or distortion of existence."

When it comes to defending the "adult content" of his own work, the star of Speed and The Matrix says his conscience is clear. "I don't want to go out and do a porno, but I want to show life," he explains. "Maybe it's important to make a film that doesn't show morality so we can speak about morality. You have to show the dark side as well. [But] I'm a fairly moral person and my films tend to be."

Reeves will get a chance to show off his lighter side in the feel-good comedy The Replacements, in which he plays an unlikely football hero. That's quite a change from The Gift, the film he recently did with Oscar winner Hilary Swank. "I play a wife beater and that was a good opportunity for me to not be the leading man," he says of the thriller, which opens later this year. "It was a really rewarding artistic experience."

Other projects in the pipeline for Reeves: Sweet November with Charlize Theron, Hard Ball with Diane Lane, and next spring he begins work on two Matrix sequels, which will be filmed back-to-back.

All this begs the question: When's nap time? "After The Matrix, I didn't work for seven or eight months," he says. "It's hard to maintain friendships. You can talk about what you've done, but it's nice to have shared experiences. I've kind of missed out on that."


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