CHUD (US), August 12, 2000

No Way, Dude

by Dave Davis

Just when you were starting to think maybe Keanu Reeves was okay, something like this comes along... Apparently the King of Planks is considering revisiting his character from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure".

Despite the fact that their "Bogus Journey" was decidedly less amusing than their "Excellent Adventure", Reeves is thinking about third enterprise with the California doofuses. Along with co-star Alex Winter, who has pretty much disappeared off the radar, Reeves plans to show the pair as aged, bloated rockers. "We always pictured them in some sort of hotel bar with guitars", Reeves stated. "They would be sitting there very drunk and kinda fat."

Bogus, dude.

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Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure , Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey

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