Chicago Sun-Times (US), August 2000

See Keanu 'Who Needs Two' Reeves for Tickets

by Carlos Sadovi

Inc. hears actor Keanu Reeves came across as a very credible ticket scalper at Comiskey Park over the weekend--even to the point of being hassled by park security guards.

It seems Reeves, in town researching a role as a ticket broker for the movie "Hardball," donned a baseball cap and went to work during the White Sox's big three-game series with Oakland. Though some fans recognized Reeves, several assumed he was just a run-of-the-mill scalper. Sox security got involved, at one point escorting him from the ballpark before realizing who he was and asking for autographs.

Reeves must have gotten quite an education. We hear many Sox fans turned their backs on Reeves when he wanted more than face value for box seats. Inc. thinks Reeves should head over to Wrigley Field when the Cubbies host the Reds this weekend and learn about the outrageous prices Cub fans are willing to pay for bleacher seats.

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mumblingmouse (2009-05-16 08:56:00)
 LOL. I love his dedication. What other actor would do such a thing to research a role?
Anakin McFly
(2009-05-17 00:58:16)

...Possibly a few others, actually. But yeah, love his dedication. :D

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