E! Online (US), September 10, 2000

"The Watcher" Pulls in Watchers

by Bridget Byrne

(snipped for Keanu content)

First the good news, Keanu. Nobody much watched The Watcher. Now the bad news. Enough people watched to make it number one at the box office.

The slasher movie, in which Keanu Reeves wishes he could have been a no-show, debuted with just an estimated $9.1 million.

Reeves, who was virtually MIA from the film's marketing campaign, reportedly was miffed about his role in the film. When he originally agreed to do it some 10 years ago, he signed on for a small role. But, thanks to his recent box-office bankability from The Matrix, filmmakers inflated his role and, although Keanu couldn't extricate himself from the flick, he refused to do any publicity.

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Watcher, The


Watcher, The , Matrix, The

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