Chicago Tribune (US), October 11, 2000

Armour hangs out with Dogstar

The band Dogstar--featuring Bret Domrose (vocals and guitar), Rob Mailhouse (drums) and actor Keanu Reeves (bass)--played before an enthusiastic crowd Monday at House of Blues.

Inc.--Keanu, you seem to be making quite an effort to stay in the background when it comes to the band.

A--Most certainly. I'm a bass player in the band Dogstar.

Inc.--Is it hard to do?

A--(Keanu) We've been together for six years, and certainly, in the beginning, there was much more of a curiosity factor. But we've toured the States now four times. We really have a lot more Dogstar fans.

Inc.--So people are starting to realize it isn't a novelty?

A--(Rob) It's different for us in the inner circle because I see Keanu in pretty much the same way I see Bret. He's just a musician in the band.

Inc.--How are people treating the band during and after shows?

A--(Bret) You can really tell the genuine people who are enjoying the show. The people who are there because they're excited about Keanu, you can notice that pretty easily. (Laughs) They're generally on his side of the stage.

Inc.--The new album ("Happy Ending") has gotten some positive reviews.

A--(Bret) Most of the rock critics are starting to take another look at us. They realize we're serious about what we're doing.

Inc.--Have you guys tried to get Keanu to hook you up with a movie part? Something in "The Matrix II"?

A--(Rob) Yeah, I'm trying right now (laughs). He actually did a great thing for me once. I had a little part in "Speed." He's very generous, but you can't take advantage of your friends.

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