The Calgary Sun (Ca), October 15, 2000

No Kean-Do

There was good reason Keanu Reeves was soft-peddling his recent serial-killer movie The Watcher.

Reeves did no press for the film.

It seems that a decade ago, when he was still a struggling actor rather than a superstar, Reeves came across the script by novice director Joe Charbanic.

Reeves was impressed with the small role of the killer and agreed to do it to help Charbanic raise money for the film.

Reeves assumed the picture would be a little independent movie, so he signed for a very modest fee.

Not only did the budget for The Watcher balloon over the years, but so did the scope of the killer’s role.

The only thing that remained constant was Reeves’ salary.

His co-stars James Spader and Marisa Tomei actually made more than he did.

That was not the case on Reeves’ The Replacements and Sweet November, which were both produced by Steve Reuther, who also produced Pay it Forward, which opens Oct 20.

Reeves reportedly received $11 million US for each of those films.

“Whatever we actually paid him, Keanu is worth every penny,” says Reuther.

“The Matrix turned him into a huge international star and cemented his very strong base with young women — a demographic every filmmaker wants to reach,” replains Reuther.

“He and Charlize Theron are delicious together in Sweet November. I haven’t seen that kind of screen chemistry since Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.”

Reuther produced Pretty Woman.

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