Juice Magazine (Aus), October 2000

The Sound Of Silence

Keanu Reeves' excellent adventure

by Mark White

The Matrix 2 and 3 - which will be released three months apart in 2002 - are hotly anticipated. Set to head back down under in March, Keanu Reeves is looking forward to his return. "I really love the architecture and the shape of the city," he told JUICE recently, of Sydney. "I love the people, I met some great people. I love the winters," he continues. "I like the shapes of the streets and the way the city is laid out. There's a lot of adventure going on."

The Matrix is the film which saved Reeves' career. No one else could have played the naive hero lost in a fantastic world with quite as much post-modern panache as him.

"I would imagine that when people do something for the second time it's always going to be a comparison to the first.

"But with the Wachowskis, the directors and writers, the second script is even more ambitious in its desire for changing and revolutionising; evolving cinema as far as what the camera will do, and the film is even more dense in its ideas. As the Wachowski brothers say, I am interested in the infinite and finite."

Keanu has five films due before The Matrix 2 and 3 are released, but for the moment he's concentrating on Dogstar's new album, Happy Ending, and touring with the band through Japan and Finland. Reeves is having a hobby. "I'm an actor and I love to play music," he says. "To me it's just a kind of thing which has evolutionised. It's just kind of evolved."

Reeves's next release is a US football film called The Replacements, where he stars opposite Gene Hackman in a story of would-be sportsmen brought in to break a pro-football strike. There are also rumours that Reeves will be making a middle-aged follow-up to the Bill And Ted series (he turned 36 on September 2). Excellent! Alex (Winter, his original co-star) and I are considering remaking it," Reeves admits. "We always pictured them in some sort of hotel bar with guitars. They would be sitting there, very drunk and kinda fat.

"Making a film isn't an obligation," he explains, smiling. "I love making movies." And there is always Dogstar to fall back on. Maybe he'll get to be that middle-aged man in a hotel bar with guitars, for real. Are you ready to rock? Keanu is.

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