Now (UK), November 11, 2000

Keanu's smiling again

Ex-fiancee Amanda has helped the star through a nightmare year

by Paula Jones

As he strolled arm-in-arm with his ex-fiancee Amanda De Cadenet in LA last week, Keanu Reeves appeared to be getting over the tragedies that have blighted his life during the last year.

In December, his baby daughter by girlfriend Jennifer Syme was stillborn and, just months later, they split up. It is said that the heartbreak of the baby’s death tore the relationship apart.

A few months later, there was more pain for the 36-year-old star when his younger sister Kim was suffering from the leukaemia she’s been battling for years. Keanu moved in to help her through her grueling treatment.

It’s not surprising that, in times like these, Keanu has returned to the familiar arms of his ex-love Amanda, former wife of Duran Duran’s John Taylor, by whom she has a daughter Atlanta, seven.

Amanda, 27, has been linked to Keanu since 1996, when they got engaged. They split in 1999 when Keanu discovered Jennifer Syme was having his child. In July this year, it was reported that Keanu had again proposed to Amanda and they were set to wed next year. But a spokeswoman for Keanu dismissed the rumours, saying “They’re completely false. They’re not engaged. They’re friends.”

Recently Amanda said of Keanu: “He’s one of a kind. I love him madly, absolutely.”



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(2010-11-03 04:05:28)
 I suppose it's just natural to turn to your friends in such circumstances ...

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