(US), November 2000

World Weird Web: Check Out Sharon Stone's Scar, Keanu Reeves's T.P. Origami and the Grim Reaper's List

(snipped for Keanu content)


What is it about Keanu Reeves that brings out the bizarre in Web heads? A quick glance at some Keanu fan (and anti-fan) sites reveals that, love him or hate him, the Matrix-man elicits some impassioned sentiments. For starters, there's The Keanu Report, which operates under the assumption that Reeves is ''the manifestation of evil on Earth, the Anti-Christ'' and attempts to prove it. Meanwhile, over at the so-extensive-it's-scary Keanuville site, Reeves's fans debate such topics as ''The Mystery of Keanu's Spleen,'' and thrill to the artistic value of ''Keanu's Toilet Paper Origami Page.''

(Note: According to this interview, the origami in question was not by Keanu. - Ani)


Matrix, The

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