TV Guide (US), December 21, 2000

Keanu's Sex Scenes Snipped

Some steamy sex scenes shot for the upcoming Keanu Reeves & Charlize Theron romance Sweet November (opening Feb. 16) have wound up on the cutting-room floor, and the pic's leading man is peeved with Warner Bros. for bowing to pressure from the MPAA.

"We shot them, but the studio wants to make a PG-13 film, so it's all been cut down," Reeves tells TV Guide Online. "I trust Pat O'Connor, the director, and he says [the cuts don't] compromise what we did. But I think you lose something."

One of the re-edited sequences involves Reeves playfully dipping below the water during a bubblebath with Theron. The studio suits were okay with showing both actors covered in bubbles, but they decided that the suggestive dive had to go. "That's a drag," he sighs, "because I think it shows a nice intimacy and humanity."

Reeves - who's currently starring in the Sam Raimi-directed psychological thriller The Gift (opening wide on Jan. 20) - doesn't have too much time to dwell on the sliced celluloid. He's busy working on a new drama, Hardball, and is heading to Australia this fall to begin 17 months of work on two planned sequels to the hit 1999 action film The Matrix. He's also trying to figure out a way to keep touring with his rock band, Dogstar, during production of the Matrix flicks.

"Hopefully, we can get a show in here and a show in there," says the wannabe rock star. "There might be a two- or three-month [break] when they're working on special effects... If I'm not training, hopefully we'll be able to do a mini-tour."

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