Toronto Sun (Ca), December 22, 2000

Christmas Memories of of Keanu Reeves

Matrix man Keanu Reeves is usually a serious thinker when it comes to himself.

Reeves had to be on the serious side after the goofiness of his breakthrough parts in Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure and its sequel.

The Toronto-raised thespian has managed some credible moments since then with his performances in Speed, Parenthood and My Own Private Idaho.

Soon, he'll be working on back-to-back Matrix sequels to increase his stock in the sci-fi martial-arts action department.

"I'm starting to train for those pictures early next year," says Reeves, who starts shooting the sequels in Australia by mid-March.

Despite all that heady stuff, and his lofty status as an A-list actor in Hollywood, his childhood Yuletide memories take him back to simpler and less complicated times growing up in downtown Toronto.

"I have lots of Christmas memories from Toronto," he says. "But let's see," he adds, trying to conjure up an image he remembers most vividly.

"Okay," reports Reeves, smiling politely, satisfied. "I guess living on Avenue Road near Davenport, and going to Rosedale Park on Christmas Day to do a little tobogganing, then coming back all wet and bruised, and eating again, and being very happy."


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