San Francisco Chronicle (US), January 2, 2001

'Matrix' Film Being Shot In Oakland

Interstate 880 could close for chase scene

by Chip Johnson

Expect to see Laurence Fishburne or Keanu Reeves cruising the streets of Oakland this spring when Warner Brothers begins filming the sequel to the box- office blockbuster, "The Matrix."

The science-fiction thriller was based on a story about humans living in a computer-generated world that concealed the ruins of a defeated planet.

Reeves starred in the film, playing the role of the man born to save the human race from control by machines.

A film industry source requesting anonymity said that much of the film will be shot in Australia. Oakland, Alameda and possibly other Bay Area locations will be used for some street scenes.

"Oakland will get some filming," the industry guy said.

There has also been discussion in city offices about some of the requirements for the film, which could include closing a section of Interstate 880 for a high-speed chase scene.

A local word of advice to the filmmakers: Don't follow too closely behind those semi trucks -- they're rough on a windshield.

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Matrix, The , Matrix Reloaded, The

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