IGN (US), January 4, 2001

New Data on Matrix Sequels

by Brian Linder

San Franciscans, be on guard this spring! There could be agents in your city. The San Francisco Gate is reporting that the Matrix sequels may shoot in the Bay Area. Word is that various street scenes will be shot in Oakland, and Alameda, and possibly other area locations. There's also reportedly been discussion that the shoot may require city officials to shut down a section of Interstate 880 for a high-speed chase scene. So if you're near there, keep your eyes peeled and your telephoto lens handy!

In other news, The Matrix Online points out a really nifty article in the Sydney Morning Herald, who recently had the opportunity to talk with Keanu Reeves about his current film roles, and his preparation for the Matrix sequel shooting. A tight-lipped Keanu hinted at some fight techniques and new visual tricks that the Wachowskis have up their sleeves saying, "I can't say much about the script, but we're going to get even more sophisticated in the martial-arts sequences and instead of there just being one-on-one fights there will be sort of multiple fight scenes. Some of the technology that has developed just recently is going to allow the brothers to put the camera around sequences that have never been done before. It's gonna be very cool."

One possible co-star that could share in that coolness with Keanu is 18-year old Stuart Wells. Wells gained notoriety after appearing as Michael, a friend of the title character in this summer's Billy Elliot. The young actor enjoyed critical success and he could be in for a great reward: a trip into the Matrix.

A thousand thanks to Sam who gave us the heads up on an brief news bit from the February 2001 issue of the UK's Empire magazine. The mag "reveals exclusively" that Wells is in talks to star in the Matrix 2. They claim Wells has already done one screen-test for the production, and the Wachowski brothers are going to send him some new lines to read for further tests.

We're not exactly sure what role Stuart could be up for, but this news is the latest in a series of really interesting casting rumors for the Matrix sequels. No wonder they're having budgetary problems. This thing seems to have a huge cast of characters!

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