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Morning, January 9, 2001... Carrie-Anne Moss has suffered a sprained knee while training for the Matrix sequels. "I injured the knee working out for the Matrix shoot. It promises to be an even more strenuous shoot than the original because we're filming Matrix 2 and Matrix 3 back to back," the actress told JAM Showbiz. [Which appeared on Movie and The Matrix Online first.]

Afternoon, January 9, 2001... Keanu Reeves has sustained a serious injury to his left foot while training for the Matrix sequels.

What little we know now comes from two independent news agencies. Our first alert came from a reader of yesterday's London Sun newspaper who read a story and saw a picture showing Reeves with his foot in plaster. The Sun article went on to say that the injury had pushed the start date for filming Matrix 2 back. The amount of time that would be lost was unspecified. [Sent in by Jonathan Littlemore.]

We tried finding the original Sun article but it seems the online editon of the paper doesn't archive its past stories, so we had a dead link and no proof that Reeves had really injured himself...until Scott Chitwood at Movie Headlines came through and confirmed the story. Movie Headlines got a tip from a reader pointing towards a Swedish online paper, Aftonbladet, that is running the Reeves story, and in fact shows two pics of the injured Neo hobbling his way out of a grocery store (one of which you see on the left).

So, can any of our Swedish readers translate the article for us so we can find out what kind of injury it was and how it's set back filming on the sequels?? [Thanks to Scott Chitwood and Movie Headlines for taking the blue pill; originally appeared in Aftonbladet.]

Evening, January 9, 2001... A reader named JP was the first to look at the Swedish online paper story and submit this translation to CA.

Actor Keanu Reeves broke his ancle. Again. The shootings of the two sequels to Matrix is in danger. These last weeks Reeves has been training hard for the shooting. He has practised martial arts as well as lifting weights to get in shape for the time-demanding work that was supposed take place in Australia in just a couple of weeks. 'We're filming two movies back to back. It'll consume 17-18 months of my life', he said when Aftonbladet met him for an interview just befor Christmas.

But now it looks like he's been training in vain. The action star broke his ancle. The photograph to the right is taken in Beverly Hills, when Reeves got his x-ray photographs from his doctor. He left the clinic patched up with a plaster. Eyewitnesses says that after he examined the x-rays he looked really frustrated and disappeared into a liqour store. The film company also has a reason to be upset. Filming the sequels to Matrix is a gigantic project and a delay can cost millions of dollars. Right now it is not sure when the filming can begin. Reeves had been looking forward to the job. -I can't reveal any plot details but the filmmakers have really high ambitions. Both scripts are great and they want to take filmmaking tecnology to the next level. They are planning to shoot the film on locations where nobody has managed to shoot before.

It is not the first time Reeves broke his ankle. One night in the end of May 1996 he suffered from a similar injury after crashing with his MC, a 750 Norton Commando Roadster. That accident occured when he tried avoid being hit by a car and instead crashed with another one.

[Thanks to JP!]

Now, we're also starting to get emails from people saying this can't be a real story, that the image of a hobbling Keanu is fake, or that he's not that badly injured. Well, if it's a false story, at least two news agencies have published stories that it's factual. In addition to the Swedish online newspaper Aftonbladet, we mentioned that another one of our readers said they read about the story in Monday's edition of The Sun newspaper published in England. We ourselves couldn't find the Sun story online, as it seems the newspaper only archives the current day's stories, but another one of our readers said they caught the article too. "Just read the story about Keanu Reeves injuring his left ankle on your site and living in the UK I quickly looked to see if I had yesterday's Sun newspaper which I luckily I did," writes our new scooper. "All it says is that Reeves left leg is in plaster up to the knee after he broke his ankle in a mystery accident. It then says Reeves is mad as this means shooting for the Matrix sequels will be delayed, for how long it does not say. Hope this gives you a little more info!" [Thanks to D.Simpson for the backup.]

Our own scoop radar sense is getting a little bit concerned about this one, too. Something's got to be up. Isn't it unusual that, if Reeves did injure his leg badly enough that it required a plaster cast there'd be some kind of annoucement? Or is it truly a case that two European papers are indeed the first to break the story?

One of our readers suggests the Aftonbladet photos are doctored in Photoshop. The magazine credits a "Splash-Bulls" with the two pics that appear on their site, which doesn't mean a thing to us but then again, maybe it's some weird Swedish media photo company thing. Another strange item is the lack of a copyright date with the Aftonbladet photos. The level of quality for Photoshop forgeries is nearing the plateau where it's nearly impossible to tell the real thing from a fake. In the end we cannot completely eliminate the possibility that these are doctored photos, or old photos of Keanu taken from his 1996 motorcycle accident.

Also late this afternoon we heard from another of our more solid sources who spoke to someone within Reeves' camp. When they asked about the broken ankle story that's appeared on the 'net, the contact said that Reeves was fine but also seemed unaware about these recent reports surfacing in the European press and now on the 'net. So what's going on? Is this story bogus or not? The Sun doesn't have the best journalistic reputation when it comes to these types of stories, but if there's pictures involved, people are going to assume the story must be legit. Then if it's true, why hasn't there been an official press release? Which may mean it's not true...

By late this afternoon we had had enough. We called Keanu Reeves' publicist in Hollywood but they were gone for the day. Nevertheless, we left a message and explained the nature of our request, and we hope to get an answer straight from the source first thing tomorrow morning. As soon as we hear back from Reeves' publicist, or additional information surfaces that proves or eliminates the Aftonbladet and Sun stories/photographs, we'll let you know.

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