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January 10, 2001... We've just spoken to a representative Keanu Reeves' publicity agency who debunked the Sun and Aftonbladet news reports, as well as the photographs that appeared with them. Coming Attractions has been informed by Reeves' publicist that the actor is still training for the Matrix sequels and has not taken any time off for a foot injury, and at no time was there anything on his foot region.

CA was told Reeves did complain about some "tenderness" that he felt around his ankle region, and at the time his ankle was wrapped and later examined by a doctor. In fact, the 36-year-old had an MRI taken of his ankle region to see if there were any possible fractures or broken bones but the result was negative. The actor then returned to his Matrix training routine. Again, we were told at no time did Keanu ever have a cast on his foot, nor was his diagnosed with a broken or injured ankle. As for the photos that popped up earlier this week in European papers, Reeves publicist says the photos showing him hobbling about are "bogus."

A number of our readers have expressed concern that the photo that appeared in Aftonbladet is a Photoshop forgery. In fact, we've even had a reader do a detailed examination of the Aftonbladet photo, highlighting suspicious areas that may indicate it's been digitally altered. "He may be injured, but unless there is some extremely weird phenomena surrounding his foot, I would say this photo has been altered. (It's also strange that although they had to get a stake-out shot of him leaving a store, they got him long enough to take that close-up of his foot.)" [That came to us from 'Backlash', and we're going to use him now for all our crime scene analysis.]

However, this story is about to take a major twist, so hang on.

The photos you see above come directly from the Splash News website, and show different shots of Keanu Reeves wearing a plaster cast on his left foot, walking from a Beverly Hills doctor's office (seen on right.) In some of the photos Reeves examines x-rays, accompanied by a woman. In all, there are sixteen photos dated January 5th showing Reeves walking with some sort of obvious protection surrounding his left foot. (To do a search for the rest of the photos, enter "Keanu" in the search field.) Splash News gave us permission to show these photos on CA.

We called Splash News and Picture Agency to find out the mystery behind these "bogus" photos. We spoke to Kevin Smith, a representative for the company, and he went on the record as saying these photos were taken last Friday, January 5th in Beverly Hills, CA. Smith also told us that there were two photographers there that day taking photos of Reeves as he went into and emerged from the doctor's office, and that the other photographer's photos were sold to the World Entertainment News Network. The photo that appeared in Aftonbladet was from Splash News.

We are being told two different things here:

One: Keanu Reeves' personal publicist has told CA that there is no serious injury to the actor's foot/ankle, there was no sort of cast/support on Keanu's foot, that the actor is continuing with his Matrix training and that the photos are either forgeries or dated incorrectly.
Two: Splash News told CA the photos were taken last Friday, January 5th, that Reeves was seen wearing a cast/support of some sort around his left foot, and that the photos are indeed authentic.

There cannot be two sides to this story: either Reeves had a cast or some sort on his foot last Friday or he didn't. If he did, then the logical question is: how serious is the injury? Is it serious enough that it will affect shooting The Matrix sequels? And if he really is injured, why are we being told he's not?

Suppose the photos are authentic. Reeves is walking without the aid of crutches. He's putting weight on it. It doesn't seem very damn likely he'd be walking on a broken ankle, does it? Maybe it's a bad sprain, or maybe even a hairline fracture -- but it sure looks more serious than someone experiencing some minor discomfort. Remember that Reeves' assistant said the actor went in for a MRI and he is looking at what appears to be a set of x-rays.

Still, what we have right now are two completely different stories and a major enigma. Our paranoid side tells us that if Reeves did bang himself up enough to cause a delay on Matrix training/filming, it's going to be viewed as a serious setback to the production. That means that the production's insurance might come into play, and the training might have to be extended. If that indeed happened, it would set off a domino effect: delay the training and the studios space the production has rented will need to be extended and/or re-scheduled, along with the permits to film in San Francisco, and Sydney. And looming ahead on the horizon is the possible Actors strike come May, followed by the Writers strike in July. If you even bump the schedule for Matrix training/filming a week, that's one week less the production has if/when the first strike hits and filming has to stop. It could cost a lot of money.

Maybe Reeves is just wearing the cast as protection just in case there was a problem, but the x-rays showed there wasn't. Or then again, since he is wearing the wrapping around his foot, maybe the injury is a bit more serious than what Reeves' publicist told us. Frankly, at this point, we would need Keanu to tell us what's up with his foot.

We were hoping to have some final answers today, but now we just more questions. Stay tuned for more as we uncover it.

[Thanks to CA readers Fredrik Lundh and Quidam Q. Agathezol for supplying invaluable tips during our sleuthing efforts, and to Splash News and Picture Agency for allowing us to use their photos.]

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Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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