San Francisco Chronicle (US), January 26, 2001

A Fox Trots

Larkspur dance coach Cynthia Glinka spent a day teaching Keanu Reeves how to fox-trot for a scene in "Sweet November," which was shot in San Francisco and opens next month.

"He had no dance skill whatsoever," said Glinka, who warmed up Reeves for co-star Charlize Theron, who needed no warming because she's a dancer. After six hours, Reeves asked Glinka a question she had never been asked in 20 years of coaching: "What do I do with my ankles? " Glinka: "They're connected to your feet, so just keep your feet moving."

If you can trot like a fox, Glinka hosts a monthly dance with the San Francisco Starlight Orchestra at the Strawberry Rec Center in Mill Valley. The next one is Feb. 3. Call (415) 485-5500.

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Sweet November


Sweet November


No dance skill whatsoever? (2011-01-26 02:28:28)
 Oh LOL! So Keanu showed no apparent dance skill? Didn't he take ballroom dancing classes back in the day? Guess it didn't include the fox-trot, then.

The "ankle" question was so typically Keanu, btw. Only he would think about what to do with them.

Oh how I luvz the man! :-D

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