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Sweet February Thanks to Sweet November

Keanu Reeves - Much More Than the Guy From "The Matrix"

by Rebecca Murray

Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron are set to sizzle onto the big screen in the upcoming romantic movie, Sweet November. Keanu plays "Nelson," a self-involved workaholic while Charlize stars as "Sara," Nelson's polar opposite. After a bad first meeting at the local Department of Motor Vehicles, their mutual attraction leds them to a radical arrangement - spend 30 days living together. The ground rules: no questions, no holding back, and the arrangement must end in exactly 30 days.

This isn't Keanu's first endeavor in the field of romance movies. A Walk in the Clouds allowed him to showcase his skills as a leading man and as the central love interest. With more than 30 films to his credit, Keanu professes to be most satisfied when working in smaller, independent films. He believes that films have the power to teach, and the power to change lives.

Keanu's good looks, rakish charm and surprisingly deep acting ability, allow him to take on a wide range of roles. Best known recently for his work in The Matrix, Keanu is much more than an action star. Reeves broke into movies in Canada with a small part in Dream to Believe. His first role in a major motion picture was in 1986's Youngblood, alongside Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze.

Keanu's skills aren't limited to acting. With band mates Rob Mailhouse (drummer) and Bret Domrose (guitar, vocals), Keanu tours and records with "Dogstar." They've recently released their "Happy Ending" CD. Reeves describes his music as alternative pop - melody and lots of distorted guitar and drums. "Dogstar" also just completed their track on the "Hollywood Goes Wild" CD to benefit the Wildlife Waystation, an animal sanctuary in Los Angeles.

Sweet November will hit theatres February 16, 2001. Reeves may end up competing against himself for a share of the box office since The Gift should still be in theatres on the 16th.

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