(Aus), February 5, 2001

Star's dad desperate to heal rift

by Sophie Vokes-Dudgeon and John Harlow

HOLLYWOOD heart-throb Keanu Reeves has not spoken to his father for 24 years.

The Matrix star, about to start filming back-to-back sequels to the box office smash, is said to hate the man who dumped him and his mother for a life of crime.

But Samuel Reeves, 62, fresh out of jail after serving six years for cocaine and heroin possession, wants to see his boy again. He hopes to be able to meet his son before he flies to Sydney to shoot the Matrix films.

Mr Reeves said he doesn't want Keanu's sympathy, nor his money. He just wants to say hello -- and sorry for the heartache he caused his family for so long.

A Hawaiian-Chinese farmer who trained as a geologist, Mr Reeves has left his jail cell and is working as a chef. He said it would be hard when -- and if -- he and his son met again.

"I'd love to see him again, it would be cool," he said.

"But there's no way we could go back and get what we've missed. We'd just have to meet each other as adults, take it up where we are."

His actor son was just two when Mr Reeves split from his English showgirl wife Patricia. She allowed Keanu and younger daughter Kim to see their father periodically, but not after he got involved in drugs.

A teenage Reeves visited his father for the last time at his farm on Hawaii in 1977.

He was said to be furious when he heard his dad had received a 10-year jail sentence for drug trafficking in 1994.

"He does not love his father," Reeves cousin, Leslie Reeves, said. "He has nothing but contempt for him. He hates him."

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