Access Hollywood (US), February 10, 2001


Tony Potts: Here in New York I sat down with "Sweet November" stars Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron, and let's just say this, Charlize Theron is one woman who likes to take charge.

Tony Potts: When a woman manipulates the man, she controls everything.

Charlize Theron: That's the only reason why I did it! (laughs)

TP: (laughs) oh, you like control do you?

Charlize Theron: (laughs)

TP: (while he's talking they show a few clips from the trailer, you can't hear them, just see them because of TP's talking) Charlize Theron thinks she has control over her life in "Sweet November", she meets up with Keanu Reeves only for a one month relationship, that's the limit, but she soon discovers she is falling in love and he discovers why a one month love is all she can handle. "Sweet November" reteams Keanu and Charlize. The two first worked together in 1997s "Devil's Advocate" (a photo of them in the movie kissing is shown) and have been friends ever since.

Keanu Reeves: Having a past experience with her.. um.. we know how to help each other and there's great trust there. (a clip of them together on the SN set is shown, Charlize is saying something and Ke starts laughing, but you can't hear them)

TP: But that doesn't mean that these two old buddies don't get on each other's nerves from time to time.

TP: What does he do to get on your nerves?

Charlize Theron: Sometimes people think of him as zen and he can get very focused and so sometimes I'd just like to go EEEEEEEEEEEEE (she makes this sound while showing a clawing gesture) just to freak him out.

TP: She knows how to push your buttons.

Keanu Reeves: (laughs) Yeah she does.

TP: Cause she knows you so well.

Keanu Reeves: She plays me like I'm a puppet on a string!

TP: What do you to to push her buttons?

Keanu Reeves: I don't think I can push her buttons, I don't think I can, (he giggles) I can't, I don't have that aspect with her, which is a real drag!

TP: "Sweet November" opens February 16th.

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