San Francisco Chronicle (US), February 23, 2001

Keanu's Dance Class

Charlize Theron steps all over Keanu Reeves' toes when he spins her around a dance floor in the filmed-in-San Francisco romance "Sweet November." In reality, the opposite would probably occur. Theron is a trained ballet dancer, while her co-star is more adept at flying through the air than two-stepping.

Local dance instructor Cynthia Glinka was brought in to transform the Matrix breaker into Fred Astaire. "I got Keanu all to myself," Glinka told us, sounding breathless from the experience. The two practiced at a cavernous ballroom on Broadway.

Reeves expressed an interest in swing and the tango. When Glinka started to show him, the filmmakers told her to stop. Seems the scene called for a fox trot, and "they were afraid he would get confused." As it was, Reeves had a hard time maintaining his posture while concentrating on his feet. Glinka had to remind him to straighten up.

But he was a dream compared with David Caruso, who refused to take off his boots while Glinka trained him to maneuver around the Palace Hotel's ballroom floor for the 1995 movie "Jade." "Big clunky boots inhibit your movement. I figured if I could make David look good, I could do the same for Keanu."

-- Reeves may be back in the Bay Area soon for the sequel to "The Matrix." While most of it will be shot in Australia, we hear a road is under construction near the former Alameda Naval Air Station to be used in a couple of action scenes.

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