New York Post (US), February 25, 2001

Lauren Graham

Keanu Reeves may be the object of many women's affection, but when his "Sweet November" co-star Lauren Graham jumped into bed for a sex scene with the dark-haired box-office hunk, the experience was "totally frightening" for her.

"Even though it was, like, 30 seconds, it was the most traumatic event of my life," says Graham, who has a supporting role with the "Matrix" star in "November," Reeves' new film.

"It's just really weird doing that with someone before you've even gone out to dinner," she says. "It's sort of like, I like to be naked only after I've been wined and dined a little bit, you know?"

But the 5-foot-9-inch beauty is already over that trauma and on to the next: choosing a dress to wear to the Screen Actors Guild Awards Sunday, March 11. Graham has been nominated for Outstanding Performance in a Drama Series for her work on the WB's "Gilmore Girls."

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