Unknown Source (US), March 26, 2001

Some Oakland streets to be closed for filmmaking

OAKLAND -- Several downtown streets will be closed today, Monday and Tuesday to give motion picture crews space to film scenes for "The Matrix II."

A car chase and a scene with simulated gunfire will be shot, and the following streets will be closed to parking and traffic:

16th Street between Telegraph Avenue, and Clay Street, will be closed today through Tuesday.

San Pablo Avenue between 17th Street, and Frank Ogawa Plaza, will be closed today through Tuesday.

Telegraph between Broadway and 17th Street, will be closed Monday and Tuesday.

Telegraph between 17th and 19th streets will be closed Tuesday.

17th Street between San Pablo and Broadway will be closed Tuesday.

No parking will be allowed on 16th Street between Clay and Jefferson and between San Pablo and a half-block south of 16th Street on Monday and Tuesday.

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Matrix Reloaded, The


Matrix Reloaded, The

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