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Keanu Reeves' ex-girlfriend dies

Keanu Reeves is keeping to himself after the death of his former girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, in a car accident.

The AFP news agency reported that Syme, 29, was killed Monday morning when her Jeep Cherokee slammed into several parked cars in Hollywood.

Reeves' publicist told AFP that Reeves would not comment on her death, although the Coroner's Office said Reeves contacted them to confirm Syme "she was here," Lieutenant Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office told AFP.

The official cause of death was not released pending toxicology tests, police said. AFP reported that police found two rolled-up dollar bills, a white, powdery substance, and two different anti-depressant drugs.

The TV news program "Inside Edition" reported that Syme had been prescribed the anti-depressants after a child she conceived with Reeves was stillborn in Christmas, 1999. The couple split last year.

Syme appeared in director David Lynch's 1997 film "Lost Highway", and she worked as an assistant to Lynch, "Inside Edition" reported.

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Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava


Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava


Ten years ago (2011-04-04 03:15:39)
 I just realised that this happened exactly 10 years and one day ago. I was about to go have my car's summer tyres put on, but decided not to when I heard car skidding noises somewhere nearby. Probably some young guys spinning on the gravel for the lulz. Still, I didn't want to risk getting hit by an out of control car full of death-defying guys.

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