WENN (US), April 5, 2001

Keanu Reeves: I'm Mourning In Private

Keanu Reeves is keeping well out of public eye following the tragic death of his girlfriend Jennifer Syme. Syme, 29, died in a massive car crash in Los Angeles on Monday morning. She had been Reeves for the past few years and discovered in 1999 that she was pregnant with his child. The couple were heartbroken when the baby girl, who they'd already named Eva, was stillborn on Christmas Eve 1999. Reeves, who is about to start shooting his latest film, The Matrix 2, in Australia, said that he hoped the media will leave him alone with his grief. He released a one line statement that read, "I'm mourning in private".

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Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava


Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava , Matrix Reloaded, The

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