San Francisco Chronicle (US), April 6, 2001


by Ruthe Stein

Keanu Reeves fans have been deprived of so much as a glimpse of him on the set of "The Matrix"sequels filming in the East Bay. Watching a chase scene under a freeway entrance, warehouse workers yelled, "We love you, Keanu!"in high-pitched voices, imitating the schoolgirls who would follow their idol anywhere. But only Laurence Fishburne and Carrie-Anne Moss whizzed by in a silver sports car, with Oakland's finest in hot pursuit.

Word is Reeves' scenes are to be shot at the old Alameda Naval Air Station, where security is as tight as when it was an active base. Set designers constructed a freeway in an area where planes once landed -- only appropriate considering how often Keanu was airborne in the first "Matrix."Determined fans might be able to spot the Matrix breaker from the top deck of the Alameda- San Francisco ferry.

-- The best opportunity for Keanu-watching, however, is at San Francisco's better restaurants. At Boulevard the other evening, he was the only one in his party to arrive on time. Fishburne and Moss sauntered in later. Though the stars were discreetly seated at a back table at Betelnut, everyone still knew they were there. Fishburne's people called for reservations. Reeves isn't much of a gourmand. When I asked him where he ate while making "Sweet November"here, he couldn't recall a single spot. In his spare time, Reeves said, he got on his motorcycle and hightailed it out of town.

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