Sun Herald (US), April 8, 2001

Keanu lays his lady to rest in LA

Action superstar Keanu Reeves buried his girlfriend in the grave where she would have wanted to be laid to rest - next to their stillborn daughter Ava.

Reeves, star of the blockbusters Speed and The Matrix, carried Jennifer Syme's coffin down the steps of Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, before comforting relatives.

The heartbroken actor then stood by the grave at Westwood Cemetery where Ava was buried in January last year.

Reeves held hands at the graveside with his mother Patric and Syme's mother Maria St John.

Syme was killed when her car overturned in an early-morning crash in Los Angeles on April 2. The 29-year-old died instantly when her Jeep Cherokee hit three parked cars and overturned.

Syme had been treated for depression after her daughter was stillborn but Los Angeles police said it was not known if drugs or alcohol had been a factor in the crash.

Syme, a record industry executive, was driving along Cahuenga Boulevard in Hollywood when the accident happened.

"The collision occurred after a 1999 Jeep Cherokee, travelling northbound [on] Cahuenga Boulevard, for unknown reasons, collided into three vehicles, which were parked on the east side of the street," said a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman.

"The collision resulted in the Jeep Cherokee overturning on the roadway, causing the driver to be partially ejected.

"The driver, a 29-year-old female, was instantly killed.

"It is currently unknown if alcohol or drugs were a factor in the collision."

Syme and Reeves, 36, had gone to great pains to preserve their privacy.

They had never made their relationship public or commented on the loss of their baby.

Reeves is due to return to Sydney soon to start filming the sequel to the The Matrix, a high-tech science fiction drama which was a huge worldwide hit.

He also stars opposite Australian star Cate Blanchett in the supernatural thriller The Gift, which opens this week.

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