Dark Horizons (US), April 10, 2001

The latest plot rumour for the sequel has hit the Net and so far matches what we've seen from the set (if true, be warned as there's SPOILERS ahead). According to Matrix Trilogy Fan Page, the story involves the Matrix fighting back against the growing underground rebellion by unleashing these computer virus agents who basically have the same powers as Neo and their 'infecting' of this world is causing it to fall apart - so much so the Agents eventually turn against them. Neo gets infected and can't access the matrix with his special powers thus must hook up with Morpheus' girlfriend in the real world to find the Robots CPU and destroy the virus' source. Meantime Trinity & Morpheus are trapped inside the Matrix fighting the creatures who, like a virus, can multiply and are very hard to kill (eg. their cut off appendages form into new viruses). Those who want to be extras this week in the production can find out details at Soundwaves. Thanks to 'Evgeni'

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Matrix Reloaded, The


Matrix Reloaded, The

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