The Globe (US), April 24, 2001


by Pete Trujillo

Keanu Reeves' girlfriend may have been high on illegal drugs and antidepressants when she was killed in a horrific car crash.

Jennifer Syme, 28, died in the early hours of April 2 on a North Hollywood, Calif., street, her mangled '99 Jeep Cherokee a gruesome sight.

According to investigators, Syme - who delivered a stillborn baby fathered by the Speed star 16 months ago - had been tearing down the wrong side of a residential road at 6:30 a.m. when her SUV slammed into three parked cars.

The violent impact hurled the Jeep through the air and flipped it on its side. Not secured by a seatbelt, Syme shot part-way through the windshield. The pretty record company executive died instantly.

"Jennifer was under doctor's care for depression after the death of her baby," says a spokesman for the Los Angeles coroner. "Police found clonazepam and cyclobenaprine - both antidepressants - in her car. They also found two rolled-up dollar bills with a white powder we will be testing."

Syme was also being treated for back pain after her car was rear-ended March 27.

"Both clonazepam and cyclobenaprine could cause drowsiness," David Benjamin, a Boston-area pharmacology and medical expert, tells Globe. "The white powder might be cocaine or crystal meth, both of which speed up the body chemistry. But even without that substance, the combination of the other two drugs could make driving dangerous."

As soon as Reeves learned of the fatal crash, he phoned the coroner's office, told them Syme was his girlfriend and offered to identify the body. But positive ID had already been made using her driver's license.

Days later, the 36-year-old movie hunk, who had just begun filming two Matrix sequels, was lead pallbearer at Syme's April 6 funeral at the Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Beverly Hills. He repeatedly dabbed his eyes throughout the moving 40-minute service.

Reeves and Syme met at a party for his band Dogstar in 1998 and were overjoyed when she got pregnant a year later. Tragically, the baby girl they named Ava died shortly before her Christmas due date.

Their relationship cooled after the terrible loss, but pals say they gradually rekindled their love and had recently become closer than ever.

In her obituary, Syme's family says she was survived by Keanu Reeves - "the lover of her life."


- Police examine the wrecked Jeep Cherokee driven by keanu Reeves' girlfriend

- Keanu and Jennifer Syme (above) at the funeral of their stillborn daughter. At right, Keanu carries Syme's coffin. Below, her obituary in the Los Angeles Times.

The obituary's text:
SYME Jennifer Maria
Born December 7, 1972 in Whittier, California. Grew up in Laguna Beach, California, and then lived in Hollywood, California. She worked for David Lynch for several years; he was like a father to her. She loved life more than anyone knows. She was the kindest, most beautiful spirit with a heart of gold, loved by all of her friends and all whose lives she touched.
She is survived by her mother Maria St. John; her grandmother Frances (her NaNa); her three aunts Beni, Myrna and Magdalene, who was her Godmother "Noni".
She is also survived by the love of her life Keanu Reeves. And most of all she is survived by all of her beautiful ...

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Lives and Deaths of Jennifer and Ava


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GuestWrong locale (2015-08-30 18:14:59)
 You stated in The article that the accident happened in North Hollywood but it in fact happened in Hollywood on Cahuenga Blvd., North around the Hollywood bowl
Guestwrong phrasing (2015-08-31 01:06:46)
 'you' would be Pete Trujillo, who actually wrote the article. Right?
GuestWhat did it say at the end? (2016-07-17 11:02:15)
 ... "And most of all she is survived by all of her beautiful ..." Missing????
Guest (2016-07-17 19:37:09)
 guess you'll have to find a printed copy of that particular issue of The Globe in order to find out... if it's thatimportant to you...
Guest (2017-09-24 06:47:09)
 Wow, utterly heartbreaking.

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