The National Enquirer (US), April 24, 2001


Matrix star Keanu Reeves had secretly reunited with his former lover weeks before she was killed in a horrific car crash.

That's the tragic untold story behind the death of Jennifer Syme, who delivered the talented actor's stillborn baby girl last year.

"Keanu spent Christmas and New Year's this past year with Jennifer -- and he told me they were getting back together," divulged a close friend.

"They always had a fondness for another, but the death of their baby drove a wedge between them -- it was more grief that either could bear.

"But they had finally put their tragic past behind them and were ready to move ahead with their future."

But the April 2 catastrophe shattered the handsome star, say worried pals.

"Keanu is devastated," a source told The Enquirer shortly after Reeves heard the awful news.

"In fact, he's even blaming himself -- Jennifer was haunted by the thought that the baby's death was probably caused by her addiction to heroin.

"Keanu did his best to comfort her and help her break her drug habit, but it was no use. Now he's wondering if he could have done more to help."

Jennifer died instantly when she was hurled through the windshield of her Jeep Cherokee after it hit three parked cars and flipped on a Los Angeles street at 6:20am.

Inside the Jeep, police found two vials of drugs prescribed for depression -- and traces of a white powder and drug paraphernalia.

As soon as he heard the heartbreaking news, Keanu called the L.A. coroner and volunteered for the agonizing task of identifying Jennifer -- but he was told gently that an ID had already been made. Jennifer's family buried her next to her tragic baby.

Keanu was a pallbearer at Jennifer's funeral.

"He could barely contain his tears as he helped carry her casket out of Good Shepherd Church in Beverly Hills," said an insider. " And he broke down completely at the Westwood Village Mortuary, where Jennifer was laid to rest.

"He later told a friend: 'Only a year ago, I stood in that same place with Jennifer as we buried our baby. Now both are together for eternity.'"

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