Ain't It Cool News (US), May 7, 2001

Jada Pinkett's character look for MATRIX 2!!! Picture

by Harry

Hey folks, Harry here... Ol Tracy Mack sent in this shot of Jada Pinkett's stunt double leaving a trailer for filming on MATRIX 2 or 3.... So let's see.... this means we need some shots of Morpheus and Neo and we'll have a good set in the making given the past scoops... But the scariest thing about this scoop is Jada... Her acting in BAMBOOZLED was amongst some of the worst work I've seen in quite some time... of course that character suddenly went on a turn and emotional journey that seemed about as realistic as the Scorpion King at the end of MUMMY RETURNS... Let's hope the Wachowski's use the same magic on her that they used on Keanu.... BTW, watching BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE at the Drafthouse this weekend was so incredibly sweet! I miss this Keanu!


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Matrix Reloaded, The


Matrix Reloaded, The , Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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