Elle (Singapore), May 2001


Keanu Reeves stars as Nelson Moss, a workaholic advertising executive who meets a seemingly carefree woman, Sara Deever (Charlize Theron) in this feel-good romantic movie about making the most out of life.

Nelson seems to have the answer to everything in life. He is a self-absorbed individual who uses money to "fix" everything in life and focuses his energies on the paper chase without ever stopping to smell the roses. Shutting himself out from the rest of the world emotionally makes him feel safe, that is, until chance brings Sara into his life. Full of zest and always willing to live life to the fullest, Sara has a no-holds barred attitude towards everything in life. They share a certain attraction to each other but both Nelson and Sara are not ready to commit. Instead they embark on an unconventional arrangement which sets them on a one-month trial relationship. Sara leads Nelson into a month of Sweet November where a journey of self-discovery begins. They planned to go their separate ways, no strings attached, no expectations after November but what they both didn't plan on was falling in love.

Release date: 26 April, 2001

Article Focus:

Sweet November


Sweet November

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