Empire (UK), June 26, 2001

Matrix Sequels - Adults Only

Joel Silver, the producer responsible for the Matrix sequels, yesterday promised that he wouldn't be softening the films' violent content to please Warner Bros. Speaking at yesterday's Swordfish press conference in London, Silver explained that 'there's greater freedom in an R-rated picture for doing the kind of movies we like to do.'

'These pictures are not for children,' Silver went on to say. 'The Matrix sequels are both R-rated and that's just the way that worked out...I'm proud that we do not make these pictures for children. These films are R-rated for a reason.'

R-rated movies (which mean anyone under 17 in America has to be accompanied by a a parent or guardian) usually get that rating because of swearing, violence, nudity or drug abuse. They aren't popular with the studios because of the effect such a rating has on the box office potential. Movies regularly gross 12-15% less when R-rated.

UK film fans will probably find that the Matrix sequels, as with the original film, will be rated 15 in this country.

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Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The


Matrix, The , Matrix Reloaded, The , Matrix Revolutions, The

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