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Nevada Happenings: Hot! Both Dogstar and the freakin' weather

by Ah-Nutts (message board post)

Sunset Station, Las Vegas:

Thank GOD for assigned seating!! Since my plane was an hour late in arriving into Vegas! Nena and Sandra from Chicago were there to pick me up (THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!) and we headed straight to the Sunset Station. When we got there, they were already letting people in. We got in and sat down in our seats…(front row!!!) we were so close to the stage (very cramped seating in that venue) that we were able to lean forward, while still sitting and prop our elbows on the rest up on the stage. That was really nice...

Then the opening band came out. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the group. I really did not care for the group that much. I did like one melody they played, but it could be because it was the instruments only, no singing. I don't know…it was just not my type of music I guess. I think they were from Los Angeles, if I heard them correctly.

Anyway on with the Doggie show...

It was announced that you could take pictures BUT NO FLASH…ok I'll take what I can get! Thank you very much :o) Then the Boys came on!! Unfortunately I really don't notice what they wear, for those of you that like a fashion report, it's usually in the same style of clothes (jeans, t-shirts and Rob with his FABU shorts!). They started with the usual roll call of songs… Bret was really talkative, which is always a treat! The security guards were attempting to make everyone remain in their seats, but that was not to happen, especially when Bret said, "Let them come up"! Of course that went over like a bang, everyone jumped at the chance! People were dancing and singing along with the group. The guys looked so energized! Bret even sang 2 solo songs ~ 32 Stories and Solitary Man!! Talk about an added bonus! Spontaneity was the name of the game that night!! Keanu did this little jump thing that left him on his knees, very rock and roll. And Rob…well damn if they need to get Rob one of those steel cage setups that Tommy Lee uses…HEY ROB!! Ask Tommy Lee if you can borrow that once in a while!! We need to see MORE of you!! Although, I did get a good view of him singing along with the music, it's always cute to see him do that. That guy just pounds his drum with so much intensity!!

During the breaks of one of the songs, they did a short stint of just jamming out a really cool rhythm. The guys were just having a great time, and it really reflected well in their playing. Everyone I spoke with mentioned how much more eye contact, smiles and "Bret talk" the band had that night. Very well done guys, everyone had a great time. However they did cut the show a bit short and they did not play the long version of Denial either. I really like that version. For those of you who have not heard it, it is a long musical intro that has a really good beat to it. Around 10:45 it was all over…if you hung around the casino, you would have seen Bret and Rob at a bar, surrounded by a lot of people. We admired from afar (Or was that drooled? Hmmm…) drank some Corona's and Margaritas, then headed out for Laughlin.

Avi, Laughlin:

We arrived in Laughlin around 1AM, checked into the hotel, checked out tomorrows venue location, then headed for the strip. We were set in our goal to acquire our GIANT MARGARITA'S!! It was a driving force that leads us to the promise land (the Pioneer Bar, LOL!). After our Margarita sedation, we trotted back to the Avi, and by 4:30 we were all snuggled in bed with visions of Margarita's and Doggies dancing in our heads…

We got up around 7, was downstairs by 8:30, we went to see who could POSSIBLY be in line, much to our amazement, no one was there! Imagine that! So, it was starting to get hot, and we decided to go have breakfast. From the restaurant where we ate breakfast, you could see the place where the concert was going to be held. Not 10 minutes after we sat down to eat, did we see people positioning themselves for the wait in line. We kept debating on whether or not to wait, since there were so many rumors flying around about the first 5-6 rows being roped off and not available to the general public and the HEAT thing did not help either. It was too freakin hot!! 100+ degrees!! Uuugh!! So we did what any normal puppies would do…we went shopping! LOL! We purchased some water guns, if we were going to wait, we were going to be cool while doing it. By the time we came back it was about 11-12. The heat was UNBEARABLE!! Yet there were those persistent puppies that did not want to miss the chance at a front row seat. Well, after our stint with the water guns and the sprinklers, we gave up. The heat was just way too much for us to bear.

The guys came to the hotel around 1, I think. Rob walked around checking out the river activities, so it looked like. Then, the Tony's started to set up the bands equipment and you could hear them testing out their equipment. The guys decided to go for a swim, so a hotel van drove them to a little island so they could all take a dip. It was nice to see them relaxing, sad that they had to have security around them, but such is the life of a rock and roll band ~

They let people in around 6:45pm, originally the show was not sold out, but I think it was a sold out show because it was packed!! This time they did allow picture taking and MAN OH MAN were flashes going off left and right!! Security did have their hands full with keeping people out of the isles. This time there was no rushing for the stage allowed. You stayed in your seats although people still stood up. No opening band this time for the guys…small blessing I guess.

I noticed in this show, there was not much talking as in the Vegas show…still recuperating from the Vegas partying I guess ;o). Ok, now this is my fashion report for Laughlin…Bret> jeans and a black t-shirt, Keanu> same…ROB> started out with shorts and a shirt, then he kindly took off his shirt and played without it! That might be an indication of how hot it was over there.

They started off with the same play list someone; somewhere should have a list of the songs. It was really hard to keep to your seats while they are playing. And, I do admit that I was having withdrawals at not being up close as I normally am. We should hopefully be seeing a lot of pictures from people who went. They played so hard that night that after one song Rob just banged his drumsticks so hard and let them go, that they went flying in the air... they really gave it their all. When it was "break time" right before Bret does his solo, people were just cheering and clapping for the whole duration, until Bret came out. I was really happy to hear that for the guys. Bret sang Wish you were here. One audience member screamed back "here I am" which brought laughter to those that heard. Keanu had a lot of eye contact with the crowd, which spurred them to be even louder. What else can I say that has not been said about their performance? Simply put:


They had an after concert signing, which a lot of people were upset about due to the manner in which you were able to go and they had an after party on the 6th floor. A note to the band here, you really should be more careful in the people that you or your close friends invite…some people that came down from the party were just ragging on the band, big time. Making not too nice comments about the band members. Good thing for us, we know a little bit about you guys to know that those people coming from the party were just DORKS to begin with, lol! But others might believe those things being said.

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