Chicago Sun-Times (US), September 4, 2001

Hey, dude, spleen's up!

by Cindy Pearlman

This was enough to make even the laid-back Keanu Reeves say, "Whoa!"

When asked about the weirdest recent rumor about himself, the soft-spoken star said, "Oh, my God, I read this wild one that someone was trying to sell my spleen on the Internet. That's pretty wacky, especially since my spleen is in me."

Reeves has the guts to star next week in "Hardball," which was shot in Cabrini-Green. He steps to the plate to give some kids a chance in the kid baseball drama, directed by Brian Robbins and based on the Daniel Coyle book Hardball: A Seasons in the Projects.

"I love films where you can really find something that has been lost--namely your soul," he said.

But it's not his soul-- it's his muscles that hurt, thanks to training for "The Matrix Reloaded," due out in 2003. Reeves already has had "a minor trauma on my ankle that put me in a cast for four days to help the tendons."

He can't talk about the "Matrix" scripts but he admitted, "Last time all the fights for Neo were one on one. Now it's one on five."


Hardball , Matrix Reloaded, The

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