Ain't It Cool News (US), September 4, 2001

MATRIX 2 Is About WHAT?!


Hey, everyone. "Moriarty" here with some Rumblings From The Lab. I'm familiar with the Nightbreed, but I'm not familiar with the Grahambreed. Still, that's who sent me a link to an article that appeared online from the SUN-HERALD, an Australian newspaper. It's all about THE MATRIX 2 and an upcoming cattle call for tall men to be in the film. Near the end of the article, there's a couple of tidbits lumped together as "INSIDE THE MATRIX." Check this out:

"The storyline of MATRIX 2 remains top secret, but insiders have revealed cloning is the key theme of the movie. Neo (Keanu Reeves) is set to fight 100 versions of himself in a stunning action sequence."

Can you hear me rolling my eyes from where you are? Either this reporter is just completely confused about what she's heard so far (my vote), or the Wachowskis are making the third major SF franchise film about cloning (joining STAR WARS and STAR TREK), which would be about two too many in my book. When we recently shot the pilot for the Ain't It Cool News television show, I had to work with a motion-capture unit. The guys who put me in the suit and worked the capture equipment had done some work on MATRIX RELOADED, and they told me about a scene involving Neo fighting 100 opponents, but they said the character who got replicated was one of the Agents.

If this rumor starts popping up in other places in the days ahead, discount it. Besides, you're going to want to come back later this week for a MATRIX story that promises to have some real answers about what's going on with the supposed third film, what the bond company is nervous about, and what just might scuttle the franchise altogether. Until then... CHECK OUT THE ORIGINAL STORY HERE!!

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