Ain't It Cool News (US), September 5, 2001

The Truth About That MATRIX Tidbit...

Hey folks, Harry here... In watching the site recently from my bedridden state, I saw that MATRIX bit that Moriarty posted. The first thing that shocked me was to hear that Moriarty was on my TV show. Whaaaaaaaat? The boy's on the pipe again folks. No wanted criminal is going to be appearing on my show... that's the problem with Entertainment News shows today... too many criminals on the air and being talked about. As for him in a motion-capture suit... don't make me laugh... that'd have to be a TIME LAPSE MO-CAP suit... he's so slow, sometimes decades bleed into other decades for him. BUT... in regards to the MATRIX info, I knew twas bunk... and as if to confirm those beliefs... today I got the following e-mail from a bitter revenge-hungry pregnant alien Broadway-singing swashbuckler... Beware of SPOILERS!!! Hey Harry,

Long time reader and lurker..first time poster...this is in regards about the cloning rumors in Matrix 2...well i'll tell yah its absolutely not roommate up here in Frisco is working on some of the cgi in the uncoming sequel...hes pretty tight lipped about most of it...but i showed him the article and he just laughed...the cloning is b.s....but that sequence with Neo fighting a 100 versions of himself is quite true....other things to look forward to...agents being able to morph into inanimate objects?!...thats all i could get out of him...but ill let you know if he opens up!

so the 100 versions is true..its just not a cloning scene...its just an action scene developed by the Matrix!

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Matrix, The , Matrix Reloaded, The

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